What the Hell is Up with Arizona?

I was just thinking about The Hot and Itchy Grand Canyon State today because of recent events and people in the news. I have stumbled upon articles whose lowest common denominator is Arizona. Is it the heat? Anyway, behold:

  • Senator Jon Kyl made that not intended to be factual statement that 90% of Planned Parenthood activities is abortion.
  • Representative Trent Franks scheduled a hearing named “Defense of Marriage” and recently called for Obama’s impeachment because he no longer can defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.
  • Senator John McCain – Enough said.
  • Senate Bill 1593 a.k.a. Insurance-Companies-Don’t-Have-to-Cover-Your-Cancer-Drugs Bill. They’re allowing out-of-state companies to write plans in AZ. If the company is from a state that doesn’t have a lot of mandates, AZ insurers companies have to waive the AZ mandates to remain competitive.
  • Governor Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe “Pink Panties” Arpaio – Enough said.

This is what made me ask the question, “What the Hell is Up with Arizona?” tonight:

  • House Bill 2177 a.k.a. Cut-Penis-for-President Bill. If you can’t find your long-form birth certificate, proof that you are circumcised is an acceptable substitute. But a Rabbi-signed Bris Certificate is not a legal document, but if Bubbe still has it, it’s sufficient. Hmm. Maybe you can just whip it out to get the OK.

There has been chatter in the past about AZ seceding from the Union:

Will Arizona be the First State to Secede?

Hell, it’s so nutty there that Pima County in southern AZ wants to secede from the rest of AZ!!

Secession from Arizona Pushed: Amendment Would have Allowed Pima County to Form its Own State

If AZ were to secede, I can’t say I would shed many tears. Aside from the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and my BFF from high school who lives in Tempe, there isn’t much I’d miss. I certainly would not miss their politics.

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