Tim Pawlenty the Commitment-Phobe

Pawlenty Says ‘I’m Running;” Campaign Downplays It

I didn’t know T-Paw had such commitment issues. Come on. Don’t lead your party on for weeks, only to say, “I’m not ready” for us just yet. It’s not fair. Remember, you have no right to be angry if the attention is on those who actually committed like Mitt. He will get more coverage.

If you start to get jealous, even though you were the one who got scared, you’ll have to take that leap. Embrace your party. Declare your dedication to the relationship, but be prepared to show it. Roll up your sleeves – literally. It looks great for the camera. More importantly, it is a subconscious signal that you are ready to fight with everything you have to defeat that evil Marxist/Socialist/Communist Kenyan/Indonesian-in-Chief.

It would be a good idea to formally announce that you will run before Newt does. His huge circus, filled with extramarital affairs and gaffes, will overshadow your little sideshow of fiscal responsibility. Don’t be afraid. You have a lot to bring to the relationship, and it’s only fair to share it. You’re young, fresh, and don’t have the stigma of infidelity or Romneycare.

The time is now. Stop dipping your toe into the GOP nomination pool, and take the plunge. Don’t be the guy full of regret, daydreaming about what could have been. Your party is waiting.

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