Beseeching Obama’s Base

Dear Fellow Democrats and Liberals, Progressives, and the occasional Leftist who votes for our team,

I was perusing the diaries on Daily Kos earlier this evening. I read so much disappointment, frustration, and some hate for Obama. Some are threatening to not even vote for him. Of course, my head started to spin.

I know that a lot of you are extremely disappointed in him. I love him, but there are things he has done that I don’t agree with as well. Extending tax cuts for the wealthy pissed me off. I do see where he was coming from because by “compromising,” he was able to get the tax cuts to the middle class. Mainly, I am disappointed because in his attempt to please everyone, he ended up pleasing no one.

Some of you have much stronger feelings against Obama – that he’s moving way too close to the center. You believe he has conceded too much. Compromised too much. Maybe he has, but will that really drive you to not vote? Or vote for some 3rd party candidate who has a Slurpee’s chance in hell? If you are considering it, please imagine the alternative. Do you want someone who will continue the erosion of women’s reproductive rights? Someone who will always have the corporations’ best interest at heart? Someone who has no problem jumping into a war with the next country who looks at us wrong?

I heard someone say in the summer before the midterms, it’s better to vote for the friend who disappoints you, than let the enemy back in. I think about that a lot, and I hope you keep it in mind over the next year and a half. He’s going to do more to disappoint us, I’m sure, but there’s something we have to remember. Bottom line, he is a politician. He’s going to do what he has to do to get re-elected. I’m going to vote the politician who shares my ideals and views. It’s easier to get through to “ours” than “theirs.”

I’m not asking you to campaign. I am asking that you vote for Obama. Even if you will be gritting your teeth while doing so and having a stiff drink afterward. I really don’t want a President Huckabee. Do you?


Spinny (a.k.a. an Obama “apologist” on Daily Kos)

20 responses to “Beseeching Obama’s Base

  • Terrance H.

    God forbid – oh, please – people be allowed to keep their own money. God forbid – oh please – successful people not being punished for their success. God forbid – oh please – this crazy, silly, obviously woman-hating notion that unborn children are human beings and worth our consideration and protection. Oh, please!

    There. Now I’m a liberal. (I think a threw up a bit.)

  • lobotero

    Daily Kos.,….back during the ’08 campaign I was pointing out that most of them will be disappointed if Obama was elected…I said then that “Change” was nothing more than a slogan….I was attacked heavily and now they see the crap…..Daily Kos needs a new outlook….you were warned but chose to ignore…..

    @Terrance I do not want to see wealthy people punished but neither do I want to see poor people punished….all I say is make it fair and equitable and there should be NO opposition (now that is a pipe dream) would they rather a code reform that takes 1000 pages or one that has maybe 1….we all pay the same percentage…..or is that way to simple to be workable…

    That one hurt…I need caffeine……

  • afrankangle

    Remember – there is only one election that one can win without capturing the center … and that is the GOP primary.

  • dcmartin

    ABL wrote a great post on the the fractious rhetoric coming from the so-called” professional left”:

  • lyttleton

    Concessions have certainly been made, but I honestly have to say that Obama has done a lot. Repealing DADT, passing a form of healthcare reform (not perfect, but something), and now we’re seeing job growth.
    He’s done enough for wacko Beck-ites to declare him the Socialist, Kenyan Anti-Christ, yet he hasn’t done enough for liberals to be happy.
    There is some irony in the way Conservatives can forgive/ignore egregious hypocrisy (Homophobes turning out to be gay, Fox News being filled with blatant falsehoods and lies, religious leaders diddling little kids) while Liberals sacrifice their own if they are anything short of Jesus Christ. And Conservatives are the “value voters”. Baffling.
    Obama has my vote because I actually think he’s had some reasonable successes and unavoidable failures (and there isn’t a single alternative out there that isn’t horrific or laughable).

  • TrDem55

    Yes, it’s not just that he is all we have, it’s that we libs poured our hopes into him thinking we could move him from his centrist place, it’s not gonna happen, we could not move him, he’s NOT a repuke, he’s also not and never could be a JFK or FDR, but he’s a Democrat and we better support him…

    • Spinny Liberal

      Yeah, I’ll admit I thought he was more liberal than he really is. Absolutely we have to support him because the alternative is down right scary, you know?

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! 🙂

  • Perry MacNeil

    I hear ya, my friend, and I’ll be out there on Election Day, voting for the Democrat, no matter what. While I am frustrated with The President’s compromises, as my Nana, a staunch Democrat, used to say, “The worst Democrat is better than the best Republican.” I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that I evaluate each candidate based on their merits, because their party affiliation is where they’ll stand: you are either for the working middle class, or you’re for the rich. Sure, there’s a lot of ground in-between, but I’ve yet to meet a Rethug that has made my life, my family’s life and standard of living improve. It’s that simple: I am always worse off than I’ve been when the GOP is in power.

    What amazes me is their adept ability to get folks to vote against their own best interests by throwing culture war issues out there. They make it a one-issue platform, and people buy it, hook, line and sinker, no matter how bad the Rethugs have made it for them. Amazing.

    If The Prez would simply push for no cuts for Social Security and for taxing millionaires (80%+ approval rating for that idea), he’d win in a heartbeat. If he actually put on his walking shoes, as he said he would, and hit the pavement in Wisconsin, he’d have a landslide.

    Enjoyed your post. Read you often, and will try to comment more as well. And BTW, the trolls mean you’re saying all the right things! 🙂 Keep fighting the good fight, friend.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Yep, I pretty much vote straight party.

      Thank you! It’s the voting against their own interests that makes me shake my head.

      Great prediction on what could have happened had he took to the streets with the protesters. I’m sure the GOP would have likened him to Che.

      Please comment more! Thank you so much for reading I took a peek at your blog. The Exxon rebate made me livid. 😡

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