Dear Obama, Please Make It Stop. Love, Qathafi

That’s the short version of his letter.

Here’s the original text:

Libya: Col Gaddafi’s Letter to Barack Obama in Full

Wow, Qathafi sure did cut open a vein and bleed on to this letter.

Part 1. Guilt You hurt me, son. I love you. I’m not mad, I’m disappointed.

Part 2. Well-Wishes Good luck in the election. I’m pullin’ for ya.

Part 3. Sympathy We have suffered greatly under that Republican Reagan.

Part 4. World Peace Friendship, cooperation, and security is the ultimate goal.

Part 5. “But You Said” I heard you say that the US shouldn’t police the world. You’re not taking it back, right?

Part 6. Begging Please, please get NATO to stop with the air strikes.

Part 7. Warning You’ll be sorry because those are al-Qaeda rebels, you know.

Let me write Obama’s response:

Step down, “Dad,” and all of this will stop.

6 responses to “Dear Obama, Please Make It Stop. Love, Qathafi

  • Terrance H.

    Certainly we cannot involve ourselves in every Middle-Eastern conflict, because they are too numerous. In Syria, civilians are being killed for daring to demand freedom. Are we going to go to war there as well?

    I say we send in Jason Bourne.

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