State Senator Hall of MN, Where Can I Buy My Back-of-the-Bus Pass?

Minnesota Senate Republican: Integration ‘Destroyed’ Minneapolis

Did the spirit of George Wallace possess MN State Senator Dan Hall? Straight from the horse’s mouth:

“I watched Minneapolis get destroyed, so I not only didn’t want my kids in the school system. I took them out of Minneapolis because they ruined our neighborhoods with integration and [de]segregation.”

Does he really want Jim Crow laws back? This article left me shaking my head. The Tea Party denies racism, but when one of their freshman Senators says something like this, how can they defend it?

I feel like some Tea Partiers really do want us back to their definition of the good ol’ days. For people like Senator Hall, he would have been fine back then. I’m not Caucasian, so I don’t think those good ol’ days would have been all that good for me.

I’m tired of reading stories like this. I hope our future isn’t the past.

27 responses to “State Senator Hall of MN, Where Can I Buy My Back-of-the-Bus Pass?

  • Don in Mass

    There’s no rhyme or reason what certain Republicans and the Tea Party asses have to say. To me their just a bunch of whacked out loons, and are well on their way in wanting to destroy this country.
    If they are that miserable, then they can pack up and leave the country, and go somewhere else, most other countries would not put up with their crazy shit.

  • breeze

    what goes around, comes around.

  • lbwoodgate

    Perhaps he concealed his true biases when first elected but if he get re-elected then what does say about the voters?

  • Terrance H.

    I want so bad to defend his statements, Spinny. I’ve been sitting here thinking, thinking, and considering. Hmm. Wait! That might wo….Nope.

    I can’t. It’s indefensible. Stupid.

    I understand how some white people may have felt when segregation was ended. I understand one respecting his own race and culture, be they white, black, or polka-dotted. I have no problem with preserving your own culture. I try to preserve the Irish culture I come from, and I would prefer if my children did the same. But in the end, that is a choice they are going to have to make for themselves.

    I certainly wouldn’t move my family away simply because my neighbors got darker. LOL. It’s absurd.

    Kitty-corner from me is an elderly black couple; about an acre to the left is a Mexican family. And that’s the extent of my neighbors. We’re the only white family around for miles, ‘course I live out in the sticks, but still. Who cares? They don’t bother me; I don’t bother them. What’s the big deal?

    Weird, Spinny. I pictured you as white for some reason. You don’t have a picture of yourself up like Kendrick, Woodgate, Snoring, and myself, so I don’t know how to picture, so I just pictured you as an average-sized red head, because, ya know, that’s my thing. Hmmm…There goes that dream. Arg.

    • Spinny Liberal

      It scares me that someone with power is stuck in the 50s. It’s like please make that leap into the new millenium.

      Haha sorry I’m not a ginger.

      • Terrance H.

        You must be Asian then, living in San Fran.

        I can work with that. I’ll think of something. 🙂

      • Terrance H.

        That’s a yes.

        Sweeet. Think when that whole UCLA chick thing went down I told you I thought Asians were cute!


        And people think I’m a social conservative…Ha!

        Or, maybe I am and am also a hypocrite? I dunno.

      • Spinny Liberal

        Yes, but most people can’t guess what I am. Most get it wrong. 😛

      • Terrance H.

        So you are Asian, but most people can’t guess if you’re Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese? I choose Thai.

      • Spinny Liberal

        Nope. Filipino. But I get Mexican, Afgan, Middle Eastern, South American. When I traveled to the Iberian Peninsula, people talked to me in Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic. Haha.

      • Terrance H.


        You have no clue how close I came to saying that! I had this e-friend one time who was born and lived in the Philippines or whatever, and the only reason I didn’t guess you were, is because, quite embarrassingly, I couldn’t spell it and was too lazy to Google the proper spelling. Then I remembered my browser has a spell-check.

        Arg. I had it right in my mind!

        Anyway, I can definitely work with that. So, uh, goodnight! He!

      • Spinny Liberal

        I hope you found out you spelled it correctly.


  • Terrance H.

    He sticks up for minorities too, claiming he tells kids to respect everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from. He said it is disrespectful to minorities to say they need “extra help” to get by.

    Putting what he said into context, I can tell you he doesn’t where a sheet in the evening. His statement was a bit crazy, though. I don’t know.

  • lobotero

    GReat comments! Where I live there are many many “religious” academies since the end of segregation…..and they keep coming….and when I was working I noticed that people segregate themselves…the whites with whites and blacks with blacks…..There is NOTHING new in the “New South” it is the same as the 60’s just more covert….

  • Powkat

    How good is a school system that lets you graduate with a 6th grade reading level? His horrid grammar reflects his ignorance.

    • Spinny Liberal

      No kidding! That surprises me because he’s from MN. If he was from CA, I would understand since our public school system sucks. I thought midwestern schools were great.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • dcmartin

    Try as they might to convince people there is no racist element to the Tea Party, their leaders keep saying things that prove otherwise. The latest e-mail circulated by Tea Party Nation is just another example:

    Dan Hall may not wear a white sheet and burn crosses on the weekends, but his implied contention that “separate but equal” was working and good policy is beyond stupid. It is also disrespectful to minorities to suggest that they had an equal shot at getting by before de-segregation was enforced.
    That’s just ASININE.
    But I do find your attempts to find SOMETHING redeeming about his statements admirable……it’s hard to swallow that an elected official would voice such a blatantly racist-sounding sentiment in this day and age. i truly hope it was just a poor choice of wording, and not real feeling. That would be a sad indictment of him, and the people who vote for him.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Wow. Very disturbing link! That sounds an e-mail that circulated by a white separatist and/or supremacist group. I’ve heard that from those groups – that the white race is facing extinction.

      I hope it is just poor word choice, but in the video, he threw in the my best friends are minority, and they think integration sucks and is about money.

      Ugh. I can give the voters a pass if they didn’t think this guy was like this. However, like lb said, if he gets re-elected, what does that say about them?

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