A Letter from Qathafi to Obama

To our Son, the Honorable Barack Hussein Obama,

As you are aware, two in my inner circle have turned their backs on me and defected. Even though we are crushing rebels in the east, more wish to leave me.

Frankly, my son, I am growing more weary as this battle continues. I am no longer that young colonel who successfully led the coup d’état of King Idris. I am nearing 70 and have been thinking very hard lately about my life and legacy. It is time to live out the rest of my days in peace. I have been offered refuge by many countries. I am considering Venezuela as my good brother Hugo has been very supportive.

I am willing to step down from power if you will unfreeze my assets. This will allow me and my family to live comfortably in exile.

Upon acceptance of my proposal, my exit will be swift. I look forward to your response. I hope there are no hard feelings. As I have stated before, you would remain my son, and I would always love you.

Very truly yours,

Colonel Muammar Muhammad al-Qathafi

P.S. April Fool!

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