Governor Brown Gives Up on State GOP

California Budget: Jerry Brown Ends Talks on Bipartisan Budget Deal

Well, thanks a whole hell of a lot, GOP. We needed just four of you. Four. And this was just to get the budget on the ballot for a special election in June. You all didn’t even want us to vote on it. For all you know, it might not have passed. We’ll never know.

The State Democrats conceded to $12B in cuts. $12B. Getting Democrats to cut that much was huge, especially when we have the majority. Doesn’t the GOP realize what a miracle that was?

The GOP doesn’t want the rest of the budget deficit ($12B) to be closed by tax extensions. Extensions. These weren’t even new taxes! The GOP refused to meet halfway. Absolutely ridiculous.

Jerry Brown’s next move is to get signatures going for a new tax initiative. Why is it new? Because those taxes that he wanted to extend expire in July. So, for a November election, he’d have to sell the public on new ones.

You just wouldn’t compromise, huh GOP? Thanks for nothing.

Cue IOUs. Again.

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