Qathafi Must Go…but Where?

Top Diplomats Agree that Libya’s Gadhafi Must Go

They haven’t decided where. I have three locations in mind, in descending popularity.

1. Hell
Qathafi should die. He actually should have died under Reagan’s watch, but I will take a better late than never on this one. On live TV on February 22, 2011, he stated that he will never leave Libya and die a martyr. Please make it happen. Somebody. Anybody.

2. The Hague
If we can’t send him to the afterlife, international court is the next best. Hopefully, execution for the slaughtering of civilians will be his sentence.

3. Exile
If there is a country willing to take psycho and sons, they can have them.

I really want number one to happen. Number one can happen through number two, but it is a lot longer process.

I still am unsure of the role the United States will play. Since the transfer is supposed to happen today, maybe I will know tomorrow. Like Qathafi, this confusion and lack of clarity I have with Operation Odyssey Dawn needs to die.

10 responses to “Qathafi Must Go…but Where?

  • Terrance H.

    Well, I’m not a fan of the death penalty, to be honest. I really haven’t decided. Sometimes I think it’s just, but other times I wonder what we’ve lost by sinking to so low a level.

    What’s wrong with the people of Libya giving him a fair trial like the people of Iraq did Saddam? Why does The Hague (a farce) have to get involved? I believe in national sovereignty, so you’ll never hear me recommending an international court for any person.

    If nothing else, the United States should lock him for terrorism against the United States, assuming the Libyans hand him over to us. Even if they didn’t, we could take him and there wouldn’t be anything they could do about it, besides throw a pomegranate and some Humus at us. But still, I like national sovereignty – for everyone.

  • lobotero

    Personally, since this is a basic tribal civil war between tribes from East and West….if he is caught by the rebels he will most likely die…..without intervention of the West to save his ass….he will most likely die….

  • lbwoodgate

    My vote is for hell but only God can take a life 😉

    • lobotero

      When I was a sniper in Vietnam there was a saying, “kill them all and let God sort them out”…..a saying from reg infantry and ours was if I pull the trigger God has pretty much made up his mind….I know an ugly thought but it could be true here….sorry about the harshness of the quotes but war seems to do that to normally rational people….

      • Spinny Liberal

        No need to apologize. Your POV was definitely affected by your experience there. That’s why I’m really worried about these kids (a lot of times, literally) who are on their 4th or 5th tour of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Hahaha lb. Maybe we can give Qathafi to God so He doesn’t have to take him. 😉

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