GOP Conservatism: Authoritarian or Libertarian

Mad love to woodgatesview for pointing me to this great Rachel Maddow segment.

I love how she explains the difference and finally gave them a “name.” It seems like the GOP and Conservatives campaign as Libertarian, when they really are Authoritarian. Libertarians, like any party, come in different flavors. However, their basic tenet is limited government. The ones I’ve run into online and in real life are so different from these Authoritarian Conservatives. If I were Libertarian, I’d be kinda pissed if the name was used by these Conservatives. In this clip, you will see a perfect example of why. There is no way a Libertarian would suppport the government reading private e-mails.

Anyway, enjoy! 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.

6 responses to “GOP Conservatism: Authoritarian or Libertarian

  • lobotero

    I watched her show last nite…..she does a good job at informing people of the stuff…..I have always hated the term “limited government”…..nothing they do in Washington is “limited”…..

  • nonnie9999

    i just call it assholian.

  • The Patriotic Democrat

    The Backwards People

    The problem with Republicans and always has been is that they think backwards on virtually every issue.

    In 2005 W. Bush was in his second term and the economy was struggling. We were suffering almost record bankruptcies both corporate and personal (the record was set under Saint Reagan).

    So, how did the Repubs respond to this horrible state of the working American – they revised the bankruptcy laws making it harder to file. To Republicans – problem solved.

    They have also made it harder to file bankruptcy against Doctors and Hospitals. So, that big fancy Heart Attack you bought but really couldn’t afford will now cost you for the rest of your natural life if you weren’t insured.

    Republicans opposed Social Security and Medicare. The Elderly should fend for themselves just like everyone else. Now they are trying to cut both Medicare and Social Security since they have this huge mandate from the voters.

    Where they come up with this mandate I really don’t know. The Dems still have the Senate and the Presidency. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

    The Republicans also opposed weekends off. Who the hell needs time off anyway?

    They also oppose or have opposed:

    Labor laws of any kind
    Women’s Suffrage
    The Civil Rights Act
    Health Care Reform
    Taxes on the wealthy
    Taxes on big Corporations
    Tax cuts for the poor and middle class
    Investment credits for small business
    Executive Compensation Reform
    Busting Monopolies
    Abortion for any reason
    Child Labor Laws
    Family Leave
    The Minimum Wage
    Equal pay
    Employer based Medical Insurance
    Gun control of any kind
    And Men who don’t play Sports

    There are some things Republicans love however.

    They love war and will fight anybody for any reason as long as their kids don’t have to do the fighting.

    They love big Corporations – the bigger the better

    They love overseas tax havens, shelters, and shell corporations

    They love Corporate Welfare and shipping jobs overseas

    They love tax cuts for their rich buddies and will screw everybody else to pay for it

    They love Saint Reagan even though he presided over record bank failures and bankruptcies

    They also love:

    Fox News
    Michele Bachman
    Sarah Palin
    Rush Limbaugh
    And – Fast Food – Including fries without the French on the front of it.

    So do Republicans really think backwards?

    In the words of the gal who could see Russia from her back porch (before she built that fence to screen out her neighbor)…”You Betcha”

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