Libya, Oh Libya, Wish I Could Get Rid of Ya

A little twist on K7’s song “Move It Like This” after listening to President Obama’s speech this afternoon.

The speech was great. It would have been a lot more comforting 9 days ago. But better late than never, I guess.

This whole Libya situation is one big confusing nightmare. He started out by saying that we would support the UK and France. Less than 24 hours later, we took over. After a hundred or so Tomahawk missles and some B-2 bombers, we’re transferring control to NATO. On Wednesday. Should I be happy now or expect the worst so I won’t be disappointed again?

When NATO takes over, Obama said, “the United States will play a supporting role – including intelligence, logistical support, search and rescue assistance, and capabilities to jam regime communications.” Along with other countries, we will also help provide food for the people and medical care for the wounded. We have also frozen his assets so the money he stole from his people can be used to rebuild Libya.

That really does sound like a supportive role, but I am still extremely hesitant to break out the Moët. Will we hear another speech a few months down the road that we need to take control again? Or worse, since the transfer will be on Wednesday, will we hear, “just kidding” on Thursday? Not that inconceivable considering that’s exactly what happened at the beginning – Pre-Operation Odyssey Dawn.

I hope Qathafi and sons meet their way past due deaths soon, which I believe will end the conflict more quickly. Then, we can help Libya rebuild. Rebuilding what we blew up. Again. Ugh.

9 responses to “Libya, Oh Libya, Wish I Could Get Rid of Ya

  • Kendrick Macdowell

    Spinny, I understand some of the appeal of the speech — but the one thing the president expressly took of the table — getting rid of Gadhafi — is the one thing that several of your posts most enthusiastically promote. So is a “supporting role” okay even if Gadhafi regains and consolidates his power? That’s not entirely a rhetorical question. The hope and change could be that we gain lots of coalition kudos ostensibly eschewing “regime change,” when we secretly know the end result will be the end of Gadhafi (i.e., regime change — not impressively honest, but perhaps defensible). But if we’re shooting for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar without a clear understanding that Gadhafi will be gone, by one means or another, then we’re disserving Libyans, American interests, and regional stability.

    • SpinnyLiberal

      I enthusiastically support getting rid of him. Whoever does it.

      Here’s where I get seriously confused. What role are we really going to play? Are we really going to be just supporting, or will we be the ones trying to take him out? Even though he says we’re just supporting, I don’t know if I’m buying it considering I did the first time and was let down less than 24 hours later.

      Best Supporting Actor. I love it. It will be a mistake if he isn’t gone – just like Gulf War 1.

      when we secretly know the end result will be the end of Gadhafi
      Do we really know he’ll be killed aka regime change? The thought of him surviving scares me.

  • lobotero

    What does Congress want to know? How long we will play? Why not have a hearing on that subject for Afghanistan? Qadafi must go? I think that was “go” in the form of out of power not the common belief in he must die.

    The speech was good, but I learn NOTHING new……does everyone feel better now that he has said something? It was a waste of time.

  • Kini

    Hope and Change?

    Oh wait….

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