Boehner: Three Against One

Time Short, Tempers Flare in Budget Showdown

Didn’t we just do this? Oh yeah. The Continuing Resolution. Has it been three weeks already? Time sure does fly fast.

Boehner is in a real mess. Three groups, all with different demands:

Tea Party
The fussy 54 says, “If we don’t get our 10 bajillion dollars ($100B, but I like the word bajillion) in spending cuts, we ain’t signing it. Let the government shut down. It ain’t 1994, dude.”

House Democrats are just watching Boehner vs. the Tea Party with their buckets of 1200-calorie popcorn and Red Vines®.
Senate Democrats say, “If the bill has 10 bajillion dollars in spending cuts, we ain’t signing it.”

Social Conservatives
The pro-birth crowd says, “Any legislation that goes through here better defund Planned Parenthood. We don’t care about the government shutting down either.”

That gavel sure is a lot heavier than you thought, huh, Mr. Spreaker?

15 responses to “Boehner: Three Against One

  • Don in Mass

    The Republican Party is in such a mess, there will be more fighting amongst other, that in the end, they still don’t know what the hell is going. The Tea Partiers don’t seem to have a damn clue as to how solve anything, but say cut spending. Of course they get they’re marching orders from Dick Armey and the Koch Bros whose ideas are off the cliff, and would love to see the government run their way.

  • Terrance H.

    The varying degrees of conservatives are responsbile for the Democrats downfall in 2010, so we can come together when necessary.

    Planned Parenthood needs to be defunded. Taxes on the top 2% should be raised. Corporate taxes should be lowered, BUT, loopholes exploited by companies like GE and Bank of America should be closed; the retirement age should be raised, gradually. Military spending should be cut. And guess what? I just solved the Federal deficit.

    It’s not that damn hard; politicans just make it appear so.

  • nonnie9999

    i can’t wait for when he starts crying, forgets he has his giant gavel in his orange-tinted hand, reaches up to wipe away his tears, and knocks himself unconscious. that might be the only restful sleep he gets.

  • Terrance H.

    The disdain you people have Boehner – whom I happen to know personally – is quite simply stunning. He’s a very nice man; you may not like his politics, and you may jeer them, but to jeer the man is just ridiculous.

    You might want to know how it is I know John Boehner personally. Simple: His nephew lives in my area and attends my church.

    • SpinnyLiberal

      And? Plenty on the Right jeer politicians and pundits on the Left. And vice versa. It lightens up the mood. Considering how much we all have to be in a bad mood about politically, it’s welcomed here.

      • Terrance H.

        What reason do you have to jeer him? I don’t like Obama’s policies, but how many times have you read me call him a good man? Plenty.

        Only a few months ago the Left was wailing like toddlers over Right-wing rhetoric that, according to them, played a part in Giffords’ shooting. Now apparently that has passed and they’re back to their equally hateful ways.

        Just hypocritical, me thinks. But that’s the Left for you. Biggest hypcocrites under the sun. Wonder if Rangel solved that tax problem yet.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Reason? I feel like it.

        And you say that Obama is a good man. Cool. You are above all the jeers and jabs. Good for you. I’m not, never said I was, and never intend to stop.

        Who knows? Maybe he has an accountant in the Dominican Republic working on it. 🙂

      • Terrance H.

        Pretty defensive, Spinny, particularly considering I wasn’t referring to you. I’ve seen no jeering of Boehner from you in this particular thread.

        You must be thinking it. Conservatives don’t want to punish people for what they think; that’s the liberals, remember? All the hate-crime legislation, et cetera…

        Maybe he does. 🙂

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Oh I’m sure that’s why I reacted as defensively as I did. That, or I’m just feeling especially pissy today. 😛

        Naaah. We’re not the thought-police. Hate crime legislation usually go along with actual crimes. Vandalism, assault, etc.

        DR is a really beautiful country. At least he has good taste.

      • Terrance H.

        Yeah. You don’t get pissy very often. Hmm. You should pray or something.

        Yes, yes. But crimes which would only be regular crimes if not for the motivation, or thoughts, of the perpetrator. If I go break a Jewish guys window, it’s vandalism. But if I didn’t like Jews and they found out, then it’s a Federal offense. Absurd. But that’s another discussion.

        Never been there.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Pray or something. Ma, is that you? 😉

        Hmm. Breaking a window is a good inocuous example.

        You should check it out. It’s awesome historically, which is why I checked it out. Spanish colonization/subjugation and all.

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