Libya Hand Off in Days

Gates: US Expects to Hand Off Libya Lead in ‘Days’

What does this mean? Days can be 10 or 365. Gates said that we’d hand over our lead to a coalition, headed by either France or the UK. They had the lead initially. For some reason, it couldn’t stay that way. Now, we took the reins and in however-many days, we’ll hand them back? How unbelievably odd. But a lot of our foreign policy has been, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Now, it looks like we’re losing our support. The Arab League who backed it isn’t too happy now. They said that our no-fly zone was to protect civilians, not bomb them. Russia is calling for an end to an “indiscriminate use of force.” China restated that they were against this and express regret over the airstrikes.

I’m praying that the hand off happens in the least amount of days as possible. We have 150K troops in two wars. The sooner we’re out, the sooner we can get back to our other wars. That just sounds terrible. 10 years, thousands of lives, trillions of dollars. We can’t add any more. We have nothing left to give.

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