Die, UCLA Girl? Really?

Threats over Anti-Asian Rant May Force UCLA Student to Skip Exams

Death threats? Are you kidding me? I can understand being pissed off – seething with anger even. But some want her questionably-blonde head on a platter. Come on people. She gave a seriously weak apology (lack of a spokesperson), but most sane people just want her to shut up and maybe go away. Not die.

There’s still Freedom of Speech in this country. It even applies to ranting from a repugnant bleached blonde who looks more like a porn star than a student. The young and dumb speaking is covered, too.

Because of these threats, police arranged for her to take her finals elsewhere. Someone leaked where that location was. Now, they rescheduled her finals. I guess it’s postponement for atonement. Work on a real apology, and start considering out-of-state schools, Alexandra.

If she didn’t receive these threats, I believe that she should have taken her final exams without any special consideration. Facing the music is humbling. She can feel the ramifications of opening her big mouth on YouTube. We’re all responsible for what we say, and she should pay for it.

But not with her life. That should be a given.

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