Republican Woman…Stay Away from Me

I found another Jasiri X video that matches nicely with another one of my posts, Dana Loesch…Who?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

His videos are great. This one was produced before the midterm elections. All I can say is THANK GOD Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle lost. And for the future of my state, I’m so glad the Megalomaniac lost too.

It’s not that I loathe Republican women. Aren’t there better female GOP players out there? After Condoleezza Rice, what happened? I mean come on. A mama grizzly who can’t even tell people what she reads? That is hardly a gotcha question. A former witch (no offense to pagans) who couldn’t debate her way out of a paper bag ? A candidate who believes that pregnant rape victims should carry to term because they can make “lemonade out of lemons?” A representative who thought she was being locked in a bathroom by lesbians when one of said lesbians was just leaning against the stall door?

That’s the pool? Sorry, but it sounds like the shallow end of the gene pool.

I’m sure there are more Conservative women who are more like Condoleezza than Sarah. Until the GOP finds them or vice versa, comedians and bloggers will never want for material.

25 responses to “Republican Woman…Stay Away from Me

  • Kendrick Macdowell

    Spinny, you know how much I respect you, but it seems you’ve veered into relentless condescension, or maybe it’s just a Jasiri X thing. Your liberal friends will love this post. It’s red meat. And if you’re teeing up yourself as a stereotypical liberal commentator with a reliably clever “bite” at conservatives, godspeed, you’ll do well. But your earlier posts and comments promised something much more — not in terms of ideology but of tone. One of the reasons people from so many ideologies felt comfortable commenting on and engaging with your blog is because you were so honest and so respectful.

    I confess I didn’t view the latest Jasiri X video. No longer interested in those videos. I viewed the last one you posted, and found it full of misinformation. Good tune. Tapped my feet. But the premise and “facts” — never mind the surmises — presented by way of cool were distortions. But at least you just posted that one, and sort of let it speak for itself.

    This one you added to abundantly with your own commentary, slamming four women with sensibilities that differ from yours. Why? “It’s not that I loathe Republican women”? “Loathe”? That’s your bar? You want to assure your readers you don’t “loathe” Republicans? Or specifically, Republican women? Whew, thanks Spinny. We feel better.

    “Shallow end of the gene pool”? Who are you? I can share with you my views of these four people in due course, and if were really committed to assessing them fairly together, you and I might well end up agreeing on slightly more than we disagree, as to views, experience, capability, etc. But these are accomplished women. They deserve a little respect, just a little Spinny. You’re better than a phrase like “shallow end of the gene pool.”

    You’re better than this post.

    • SpinnyLiberal

      Maybe I’m not. Maybe I’ve gotten so irritated with them that I just let my true feelings show. Maybe I’m spiraling down into a disrespectful abyss. My “bar” is low, I guess. It shouldn’t be as my mom is as Conservative as they get, and she’s smart – majored in chemical engineering.

      Who knows? Most of my blog/”journal” is cathartic, as my About page states. I dump whatever is in my head on to the screen. I may push away Moderates such as yourself or Independents. It would be a shame, but I won’t censor my head – because it feels spinny, hence the need for the blog.

      I feel appropriately guilty, so if I offended you and other Conservatives, I apologize. If people continue to read, maybe it won’t be harsh in the future. Or maybe it will.

      ETA: As far as the gene pool comment and subsequent question, I’m nobody. Just someone who blogs about politics

      • Snoring Dog Studio

        I think most of us have gotten so irritated these past few years that we occasionally need to vent. Short of drinking myself into a slobbering stupor, I don’t know how to keep my blood pressure from spiking a hundred times a week. The “What If” video resonated with me because most of us haven’t the ability to see another perspective anymore. Sometimes, imagining the shoe on the other foot, is a very good way to see a new perspective. But even if the Tea Party folks had a credible platform, who could tell but for the shrillness of their own spokespersons? Likewise on all fronts, but I tend to hear a lot more substance coming from Maddow then Beck. As far as Republican women in the forefront of politics these days – well, my feelings may not be bordering on loathing, but I certainly can’t relate to them at all. And I don’t believe most women do – Palin’s popularity has sunk, Bachmann isn’t a serious contender, O’Donnell was dead in the water, and so on. You mention that they’re “accomplished women” Kendrick but other than holding office and having college degrees, I think women want much more than what we’re getting. These women willingly speak often and they’re being heard – but the words women hear aren’t what we want to hear. This isn’t to say that there aren’t equally unadmirable women in the Democratic party. Perhaps, Kendrick, women have come to a point now after being left out of the political conversation for so long that we can’t settle for just a young, pretty face. If we’re going to be involved and feel passionate about our women leaders, we want to be proud of them. Not embarrassed.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Sometimes I think that if I drank myself “into a slobbering stupor,” it would be easiest and the least offensive.

      • Kendrick Macdowell

        SDS and Spinny, I understand the frustration — and it’s certainly not my place to tell women which other women they should respect or not respect. But I can suggest ways of venting disrespect that keep a conversation going better. That’s all I’m doing.

        Also, I respect very much your desire to be proud of women in politics. But “women” of course are not homogeneous sensibilities. Some women I know are very proud of Sarah Palin and admire her greatly (again, with apologies for hammering the point, perhaps in substantial part because of what she has endured). Are these women somehow disreputable or disgraces to their gender? I don’t believe either of you would try to make that point.

        There can be more than one model for female achievement and female inspiration.

        I get that both of you find the positions of these Republican women vexatious — so hammer away at what they say and do that you find disagreeable. I’m just saying, easy on the bile (which both of you almost always are, which, to come full circle, is why I found this post surprising).

    • lbwoodgate

      So Kendrick, are you saying you view Sarah Palin as a serious Presidential contender?

      If not, why not?

      If so, what makes you feel confident she can manage things in a crisis?

      And would you have seriously voted for Christine O’Donnell had she been running in your state?

      • Kendrick Macdowell

        Hey lb, yes, I view Sarah Palin as a serious presidential contender — but that’s because, well, she is, not because I like her or don’t like her. Enough people do. And a lot of that sympathy, by the way, comes from the massively condescending viciousness directed at her. She wouldn’t be my preference, and in fact, she didn’t even do that well as a contender in a Tea Party poll. But she’ll do better than she should precisely because of the hate directed at her.

        As for Christine O’Donnell, I’ve written in lament previously that the Tea Party cost Republicans at least two critical Senate seats — in Delaware and Nevada. My Delaware candidate was Mike Castle, a perfectly electable moderate Republican, who lost to O’Donnell in the primary. And you liberals should be toasting the Tea Party out of gratitude! 🙂

        In any event, my comment was about what I viewed as a disturbing tone, which Spinny has addressed.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        I gotta disagree because I’m like that. 🙂

        I don’t think she would be a serious contender. Her own words have tanked her reputation. And her views are pretty extreme. Even though my and others’ condescending viciousness has been directed at her, the sympathy elicited would be minimal. Mostly from her base, which would probably vote for her or Michelle Bachmann 😯 anyway. I doubt she’ll win over many Independents, even those leaning Conservative.

        If she were to run, I would toast the Tea Party in advance.

      • Kendrick Macdowell

        Actually Spinny, we don’t disagree on this one. The question was whether she’d be a serious presidential contender, i.e., as I understood the question, be a serious candidate to win the Republican primary. Yes, I think she would, though I think her trajectory is tending downward now. (She just needs more liberals trashing her and a few more death threats for a spike though.) As for the general election, I agree, I think she loses — and worse than some other Republican contenders.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        OK I get it now – the primary. 🙂 She has a great shot at it, for sure. I won’t do the death threat thing, but I (and other liberals) can trash her if it ensures her GOP nomination. Just kidding. But not really. 😛

      • lbwoodgate


        “Hey lb, yes, I view Sarah Palin as a serious presidential contender — but that’s because, well, she is, not because I like her or don’t like her. Enough people do.

        Actually I think many of those who claim to like her also think she would be better off NOT running for President. So, I would challenge the notion that she is a “serious” contender.

        And hey, If Palin can’t stand the heat she shouldn’t work in a boiler room. Palin’s problem was that she was unfamiliar with what real politicking is like down here in the lower 48 and got her feelings hurt too easy when criticized at rates they were not any worse than other candidates received, surely not more than what Obama took from the vicious element on the Right.

        I agree that the video spinny provided here was red meat stuff for the left but she’s less prone to do such things as others on the extreme fringes are, conservatives and liberals. Letting off a little steam ever once in a while is relatively harmless provided it doesn’t become a frequent reoccurring pattern.

  • lobotero

    Spinny, do not celebrate premature…..Sen. Ensign is not running for re-election and that maybe all Angel needs to jump in again……

  • notesfromrumbleycottage

    After hearing Michelle Bachman a few times, I am ready to agree with you. Where are the Elizabeth Doles or Christine Todd Whitmans? Why is “What do you read on a daily basis?” seen as a loaded question? And why are these women are so ready to put down the feminists who worked hard so all women could have the right to work and hold credit in their own name as republican women do?

    Sorry, stepping off the box.

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    “Are these women somehow disreputable or disgraces to their gender?”

    Oh dear, Kendrick, I do struggle with delivering a less bilious answer. I do. It’s just that I often feel betrayed by the women who purport to be “just like me.” I’m not big enough, not tolerant enough and, perhaps, too angry, to answer “No,” to your question and mean it with all my heart. I recognize that women who support them are out there, but I feel no less scorn for them then I do for the men who support candidates like these ones. “Scorn” – is that a better, less vicious way to say it?

    I admit to creating some earlier posts that were vicious. It doesn’t make me feel good to go that route anymore, but I won’t be dishonest and say that I don’t occasionally yell curse words when I hear or read the things these particular politicians say.

  • SpinnyLiberal


    SDS explained herself on the disreputable/disgraces question so well that I’m going to say “I’m with her.”

    After I read your post this morning, I felt guilty and ashamed. I walk the line between courteous and coarse – constantly. When I’m especially irritated, the coarse comes out. It’s not an excuse. Believe me, I can write some seriously nasty stuff. And that post was tame in comparison.

    Anyway, let’s take Sarah Palin. I understand there are people out there who admire her. I don’t. She brands herself a pro-life feminist/mama-grizzly etc. There are feminists out there who welcome her under the big tent of feminism, saying hers is a different brand. But does she extend that to others? I would argue no. This is what she said about Hillary.

    “…she seemed like someone frozen in an attitude of 1960s bra-burning militancy…she told us in no uncertain terms that she could have stayed home and baked cookies but she preferred to pursue a serious career…but Hillary, some of us like to bake cookies and we don’t have to run-down stay-at-home moms to feel good about our careers.”

    Does she have to describe Hillary as having a 60s bra-burning militant attitude? It has a negative connotation, and she throws it around like nothing. Isn’t that just as bad as us putting down the stay-at-home moms?

    I’m already annoyed by this, and I can feel my blood pressure rising. This is a good time to show you what I go through when I write. So, my irritated, coarse side types, “I wish that half-wit Caribou Barbie would shut her f’n trap about feminism. Go shoot something from a helicopter, and get off the f’n political scene, dumb a*s.” And my more civilized, courteous side would press and hold the backspace button and write something more palatable.

    It’s a crapshoot who wins.

    • Kendrick Macdowell

      All I can say to both of you is how much I respect you. The very fact that you’re both conflicted about how to have a dialogue in the teeth of deep disagreement speaks good volumes. The problem with the bilious rant is its seductiveness. Spinny, you could write what you didn’t, but did, write above regarding Caribou Barbie (and Barbie and I were born in the same year, so be careful, I’m protective), and lots of people would say, “whoo-hoo, yeah, you go girlfriend, that’s right,” and you’d get lots of reinforcement, and feel good, and conservatives (and some moderates) would shake their heads and realize you had become only about red meat and a liberal audience craving red meat, and each would retreat comfortably to their polarized camps, and there’d be less conversation — except for the perpetually reinforcing, insular kind of conversation that is too dominant in American politics now.

      One of the things both of you have done so well is talk to conservatives and moderates. You’ve come to my blog site and been brilliant contributors to the dialogue. I’m deeply grateful. Do you want to give that up? Do you want to be part of “the professional left” and get lots of notoriety for how cleverly you demonize conservatives? That’s not a rhetorical question, because that’s a credible political choice, with lots of positive reinforcement to be enjoyed. But it’s also an ideological commitment that would make you less, in my opinion, than you are now, because you are now human beings with large hearts, minds and souls capable of having respectful conversations across the aisle.

      That’s a difficult place to be — capable of diverse conversations. It’s not our human nature to welcome dealing with perpetual challenges to our core beliefs. Our friends, our loved ones, our own exasperated sanity constantly counsel us to pick a side and fight with everything in our arsenal, other sensibilities be damned. That’s so much easier, easier even that drinking oneself into “a slobbering stupor,” the other sane and sensitive alternative.

      But the sacrifice is enormous. I think of it like Cypher in The Matrix. Put me back in, make me rich and successful and happy. I don’t want to know anymore what I know now. Make me delusional and happy.

      Putting yourself in the position of being able to talk to diverse people, instead of a single community of screaming cheerleaders, means constant discomfort, and the constant enlargement of your soul. I wouldn’t condemn you for opting against discomfort — that’s what most people do, including many people I love dearly on both sides of the ideological divide.

      I just see both of you as capable of bearing the discomfort, and persisting, because you can, and because you know it’s a space with integrity, and because you know that’s how your soul wishes to understand itself.

      Much affection. Whew. I need a drink.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        That’s very sweet of you. Sometimes I wonder if I’m being “fake” when I tone it down, but I like to think that it’s being polite. Anyway, if you have a Sidecar, I’d like one. I know it’s too early this morning to start drinking. But it’s 5:00 PM somewhere. 🙂

        ETA: I know – writing that Caribou Barbie comment was a sneaky/tricky way to indulge my coarse side. Sorry. And Barbie rocks. I had her townhouse.

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    Much affection back, Kendrick – and Spinny. You describe a noble and worthy pursuit, Kendrick and in my heart I know it’s the right way and the only way. I’m getting better at it. In fact, my post today went toward satire instead of shrill.

    One of the amazing things about blogging, at least for me, is that it has required more listening, not just writing. And knowing that I’ve made friends with people who wouldn’t agree with all of my positions on the issues is extremely rewarding.

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