Toilets, and Lightbulbs, and the EPA, Oh My!

Toilets Join Light Bulbs on Sen. Rand Paul’s List of Necessities Burdened by ‘Busybody’ Rules

“The point is that most members of your administration probably would be frank and would be up front to characterize themselves as being pro-choice for abortion,” Paul said. “But you’re really anti-choice on every other consumer item that you’ve listed here.”

I had to wipe tea off my monitor. From the Aqua Buddha allegations to this soundbyte, I don’t think the guy is playing with a full deck.

Comparing the reproductive freedom of women with the freedom to buy whatever toilet or light bulb you want? When is the incandescent light bulb going to go on in his head? These two aren’t even in the same universe.

dcmartin couldn’t have described it better in her post:

Rand Paul Angry Because Energy Department Won’t Let Him Have a Fecal Abortion or Some Crazy Shit Like That

Here’s my proposition to Rand Paul. I’ll keep the ability to decide what happens to my body, and you can pick whatever light bulb turns you on. Deal?

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