Walker & Jauch: Couples Counseling, Wisconsin Style

Wisconsin Governor Proposes Union Compromise in E-Mails

The e-mails emerge. Governor Walker is softening. He really misses Senator Jauch.

He poured out his heart in the letters. He agreed that unions can keep some of their collective bargaining rights:

1. Salaries with no market rate limit
2. Mandatory overtime
3. Performance bonuses
4. Hazardous duty pay
5. Classroom size

Walker also said OK to the agreeements lasting up to two years.

Jauch wanted sick leave and vacation pay to be included as well.

Then, Walker had to go and tell everyone how close Jauch was to coming back. He had to blame outsiders for ruining their relationship (e.g., union bosses, Senator Miller). He mocked the proposed border meeting, letting his stubborn pride stand in the way of real reconciliation.

“Trust is completely broken down now. I don’t believe anything he says.” – Jauch said.

Way to go Scotty.

Naturally, Jauch is hurt and doesn’t want to talk. Walker is left to ponder the e-mails and their relationship.

Being an internet-trained psychotherapist, I offer my advice to Walker. Let them keep more bargaining rights and send flowers. Huge, beautiful, and expensive. With this note:

“Baby come back. You can blame it all on me. I was wrong, and I just can’t live without you.”

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