Hate Comes to Orange County

Congratulations people. This video has been shown on Al-Jazeera. We’re already hated over there. Do you have to add yet another reason?

14 responses to “Hate Comes to Orange County

  • Don in Mass

    Orange County is ultra conservative. I saw this video yesterday, and these right wing loons, are a disgrace, and should be ashamed of themselves.
    I read a comment recently on a web site, from a woman in Australia, and she said, “What is going on in America”? with all the hate talk. She said that the vast majority of Australians cannot believe how bad the US has become. I know that other countries have noticed it too.
    Its truly sad what is happening here.

  • Kini

    Consider what these people stand for: Sharia law. They would force you to wear a burqa, force you into arranged marriages, and this friendly conversation we’re having would have you buried chest high.

    • lbwoodgate

      You know these people personally do you?

      If they stand for Sharia law how come none of them in the video were wearing burqas?

      How many women have they stoned?

      You know, if christians followed all the Mosaic laws strictly as they are expected to they would be put to death:
      1. children who talk back to their parents (Deut 21:18-21)
      2. wiccans who make alter sacrifices(Ex. 22:20),
      3. false prophets like Fred Phelps (Deut.13:5),
      4. everyone who works on Sunday (Ex. 31:14)
      5. all brides who are not virgins (Deut 22:21)
      6. daughters of preachers who prostitute themselves (Leviticus 21:9)

      But not all people today follow such hard edicts of their scriptures , do they?

  • Kini

    Sorry, if you feel that video too extreme, please delete that and my comment.
    If I offended, I apologize. I didn’t realize the language was that offensive.

  • breeze

    It’s all just too sad. I can’t add anything to this dialogue. I just get angry and there’s already too much of that.

  • The Patriotic Democrat

    I’m sure the Egyptians, Lybians, and others who are protesting in the Mideast will want their new Governments to be just like America after seeing this video.

  • Peter an Ex-Eater

    I live near where this went down.

    I condemn the bigots in the video. There is no excuse for chants of go back home. The people in the video are idiots and an embarrassment.

    I have no problem with CAIR shining the light on the people who were anti-Muslim bigots in the video. The people on the video should be shown to be the idiots that they are. But they were a splinter group of about 90-100 people of several hundred who showed up that day.

    CAIR pulled a fast one on this. In their video and in their press release with with the video, they fail to mention the keynote speakers of the event.

    The majority of the people who showed up to protest that day were not protesting against moderate Muslims right to peacefully assemble for a fundraiser.

    The majority of the protesters were protesting to show they are in opposition to the radical ideology of the invited keynote speakers. One of the speakers, Malik Ali, is repeatedly invited to speak at the college near me. His ideology deserves as much disgust as the people in the CAIR video.

    He doesn’t believe black Americans should have any relationship with Jews who believe Israel has a right to exist. During his speeches, he spreads his ignorant Zionist Jews conspiracy stories like Zionist Jews were responsible for 911 and for the Danish cartoon controversy. He openly supports Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah. All three are recognized by the US State Department as terrorist organizations. He glorifies suicide bombers. He is a nutcase.

    Most of the people showed up to protest against him.
    Someone created a highlight video of some of his speeches and you can see some of what comes out of his mouth.

    And I am finding CAIR less than honorable in how they handled this affair. I would have hoped they would denounce his radical ideology and the shined the light on him as well as the anti-Muslim bigots. Instead of showing they are a moderate group that will denounce radical Muslims, they completely ignored that he was a keynote speaker at the event.

    This event and another local event makes me question if CAIR will speak out against any radical Muslims in my area.

    • SpinnyLiberal

      I heard about that. The group who were protesting the speaker was trying to distance themselves from the “splinter” group. As soon as the radical ones infiltrated, the original group should have been out of there. That xenophobic group with their crazy yelling is what made that video go “viral.” The protest against the extremist speaker is lost thanks to the extremist splinter group.

      ETA: Thanks for commenting!! Do you live in the OC? I went to school in San Diego.

  • Peter an Ex-Eater

    Yes, I live in Orange County.

    A little background. The Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine repeatedly invites Malik Ali to speak on the UC Irvine campus. The MSU invite all kinds of speakers. Some are pretty offensive and over the top with their attempts to delegitimize Israel’s existence Some offer legitimate criticism of Israel.

    Anyway, the Ambassador of Israel to the US, Michael Oren, was going to give a speech at the campus last year.

    Members of the MSU sent emails amongst its members and planned how they were going to repeatedly disrupt the lecture because they wanted to send a message that an Israeli official shouldn’t feel like he can come to the campus and say anything he wanted. That is pretty close to one of the emails. I can find it for you if you like.

    They executed their plan and repeatedly interrupted the lecture. The members of the MSU then lied to the University that the MSU was involved. Then someone leaked the emails. The University ended up suspending the MSU for one quarter.

    video of the event

    About the time of this protest in Yorba Linda the DA in Orange County was deciding if it was going to press criminal charges against the students (or had just pressed charges). My memory of the dates are not crystal clear in my mind right now but I think right around this time of the protest in Yorba Linda the Orange County DA decided to press misdemeanor charges that the students conspired to disrupt Oren’s speech and then did so. The whole topic of criminal charges caused a lot of controversy and had been in the news quite a bit.

    I never saw anything from CAIR representative that said the tactics the students took was wrong. I only saw statements from CAIR that claimed the students were merely exercising their rights of free speech.

    The argument that the students were exercising their rights of free speech is completely bogus, but CAIR is still claiming it.

    The dean of the UC Irvine School of Law wrote a piece in the LA Times saying the students could not claim First Amendment rights as s defense for their boorish behavior.

    Personally, I am not sure what a just punishment should be for the students. I just want something done so that it that will deter other students or the MSU from carrying out the tactics again. If I go to a listen to a lecture on a campus, I don’t want students to repeatedly disrupt it without any ramifications. Protest outside. It isn’t like the MSU hasn’t had opportunites to share their perspective on Israel.

    I would respect CAIR if they came out with a statement that said something like the students were wrong to prevent a speaker invited to the campus from speaking and being heard. And the MSU acted inappropriately in coordinating the disruptions and in misrepresenting its involvement to University officials. But the students have been sufficient punished by the University so the charges should be dismissed.

    I cannot respect the standard CAIR standard response that the students are being prosecuted when the students were simply exercising their First Amendment rights and did nothing wrong. See the last couple paragraphs. The Executive director of CAIR cannot see the difference between protesting outside an event and going inside an auditoruim and repeatedly disrupting a speech.


    Sorry, this topic has been a sore spot for me.

    Anyway, there was a Jewish group from outside the area who had a bunch of signatures to dismiss the charges and that too caused controversy.

    So to end my long winded babble there was stuff going on before this protest.

    I had received word that people were going to protest against Malik Ali and I thought about going since I disagree with his views but I didn’t go.

    I don’t know how a group can successfully organize a protest against a radical Muslim like him. Some idiots are bound to show up who have already been worked up about some other issue in the news and the idiots will become the news.

    By the way, I don’t know those politicians in the video. They are not from my district and seem like dirtbags.

    I do know someone who went to the event who is pretty reasonable. He said what looked to be organizers of the protest were trying tell people not to go to the area near the entrance where the splinter group gathered to yell their anti-Muslim bigoted stuff.

    • SpinnyLiberal

      Despite my strong opinions on Israel, I do believe the students should have kept the protest outside.

      The organizers of the protest at the fundraising sounded OK when interviewed, but their message was lost because of the splinter group.

      Extremists ruin everything.

  • Peter an Ex-Eater

    What are your strong opinions on Israel and on the Israel/Palestine conflict and how do they differ from what Obama said in Cairo?

    • SpinnyLiberal

      They don’t really differ that much from what Obama said in Cairo. First, I am a non-interventionist. I regret the day LBJ took sides and chose Israel. I don’t like that our alliance with Israel is almost unquestionable – especially with cases like Rachel Corrie and the flotilla raid. I don’t like it when someone like Helen Thomas says something bad about Israel and had to “retire.” I wish we didn’t pick sides and stayed as neutral as possible.

      I believe that Israel should stop the settlements. I believe they should be held accountable for their crimes and not given a pass from the US. And something like the 2006 war with Lebanon should never happen again. While it was a response to Hizbollah, that response was completely brutal and overkill.

      That said, with the Palestinians, Hamas needs to recognize Israel’s right to exist. They need to knock off those damn rockets.

      I don’t know if there will ever be peace in that region. Especially with Zionists and Hamas. It would be nice to have two states and a well protected, defined border.

      I really want to spray a can of knock it off over the entire region.

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