Harry Hates Hookers?

Reid’s Prostitution Remarks Ignite Debate in Nevada

Say it ain’t so, Harry. Aside from the psycho Sharron Angle, Nevada is a great state. I love its progressive attitudes toward the “vices.” Reid doesn’t, when it comes to the world’s oldest profession.

“Nevada needs to be known as the first place for innovation and investment — not as the last place where prostitution is still legal,” Reid said, adding his concern was prompted by a visit by a technology firm to rural Storey County.

Really? Vegas is the adult Disneyland. This is the place where you can party, gamble, and enjoy the company of a lady of the evening if you so choose. Nevada’s got it right already. These activities are as old as time. Might as well make it legal.

America’s pseudo-puritanical attitudes crack me up. Utah, one of the most religious states because of the LDS church, is also #1 in online porn subscriptions. 8 out of the top ten states that love their online porn are red states. Apparently, they cling to more than just guns and religion.

Sex is a strong drive, natural and nothing to be ashamed of. I wish we’d relax more when it came to the subject. Maybe our teen pregnancy rates would go down. Forbidden fruit is the sweetest.

Leave the ladies alone. Push Nevada as a fun state. Vegas is one of the best places for conventions. Why? People learn and talk shop during the day and party at night. Win win.

Harry, don’t become an uptight prude like Sharron. Keep Nevada’s progressive spirit alive!

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