American Workers vs. Multi-Billionaires

I’m a huge Prince fan, but I’ve loved rap, R&B, and hip hop since I was a tweener. Here’s a great video – politically tinged hip hop. I love it! Enjoy. 🙂

ETA: Tip: If you find a better version of a video on a site other than YouTube, just copy that site’s embed code. Forget downloading direct from YouTube. I learned that the hard way. This version lets you see the signs without them being chopped. 🙂

22 responses to “American Workers vs. Multi-Billionaires

  • Kini

    As a taxpayer, do I ever get a say in what public unions can bargain for? Why am I not included into the negotiations? Doesn’t my vote count for anything?

    • SpinnyLiberal

      Union members are taxpayers too, Kini. 🙂

    • lbwoodgate

      As a taxpayer, do I ever get a say in what public unions can bargain for?”

      About as much as you do in deciding why corporations get hefty subsidies that create budget deficits. Ever wrote your state rep. to complain about the burden this puts on you as a taxpayer?

      • Kini

        Oh and by the way Pal.
        If you’re going to throw accusation bombs at wealth creators like the Koch Brothers, then back it up with some facts. It gets tiresome to listen to “Fox Lies” and “Global Warming is Man Made“, from people like yourself who parrot talking points from leftest communists.

        Present your facts.

  • Kini

    Wisconsin decided. Why not let the people’s business be done?

    • SpinnyLiberal

      A lot of Wisconsinites are not happy with Walker because the union agreed to his cuts. Voter remorse.

      • Kini

        We have to live with our decision to vote in a socialist President.
        Voters remorse, indeed.

        And thankfully, we are voting to reject Obama’s policies.
        If Wisconsin doesn’t like Gov. Walker’s decisions, they have recourse.
        They can repeal, or vote the champion of voters, out of office.
        Meanwhile, the people are taking back their government.
        That’s a good thing. 🙂

    • SpinnyLiberal

      We’re taking back our government. Hence, the protests against Walker. 🙂

  • Kini

    4 another view. Tell me if your taxpayer monies are being spent well.

    They cooked the books. They lied. Do you condone this?
    It’s not just Wisconsin, it’s the whole country.

  • Kini

    No public support by the people? There were rallies across the country in support of unions. Again, Kini, they are voters too. It’s not us vs. them.
    It is Us vs. Them. Like it or not, they, the unions drove this. NJ’s Christie, Ohio, and a whole host of governors were voted in to stop this madness of overspending. This taxation without representation.

    You must realize that there is a limit to government. Do you?

  • Kini

    Let me clarify my rambling statement.

    Do the Public Unions decide what taxes I pay? Or the people we elect as governors?

  • Kini

    This thread isn’t about the health care law.

    Really? You started this thread.
    Who will run Obamacare? The Private Unions? NOT!

    Look, I really like you, and I enjoy your debates. But, are you really that naive?
    Well, yes you must be. 😦

    Your thread was about Workers vs. [Job Creators] Billionaires, it is an oxymoron in its premise. Wealth creates jobs. How else can you explain it? By demonizing the wealthy, you are not only discouraging job growth, but hindering the creation of jobs.

    Billionaires, don’t become Billionaires, without workers working for them.
    Are workers going to pay my salary? Why the hostility?

    You are right, it isn’t about the health care law, but it is about who will run Obamacare. It creates a whole new entitlement dependency and a union industry that will administer this abomination.

    This is about American Workers against Union Fat Cats.

    Aloha, Malama Pono! ^_^

    • lbwoodgate

      “Wealth creates jobs. How else can you explain it?”

      That itself is a naive premise. Wealth doesn’t always create jobs and when it does it doesn’t create the type of jobs the middle income families have been used to and need to be a factor in this economy. Sometimes wealth merely generates more wealth for those who have it. They reinvest it in their portfolios that doesn’t always generate jobs in America, especially if what they invest in are areas of opportunity in China and India. How else can you explain the growing disparity of the wage gap?

      “By demonizing the wealthy, you are not only discouraging job growth, but hindering the creation of jobs.”

      That’s a straw man argument I’ve already debunked here. Criticizing unethical and greedy practices of some corporations like Koch Industries is NOT demonizing all corporations. Why is it when people have their feelings hurt with critiques about institutions they support that those who critique them are “demonizing” them? That a terribly weak assessment.

      • Kini

        That is the most obtuse comment I’ve ever read.
        But perhaps you believe that wealth is generated out of thin air.

        Public unions bosses that make 6 figure salaries, and claim they are for the working people are the unethical, and greedy ones. The same criminal unions that force people to pay dues even if they do not want to be apart of the corrupt union. Unions don’t create jobs, but the Koch Brothers do create jobs and they reward their employees with good salaries and hefty benefits.

        What do the unions do but take money from their members and give it to corrupt democrat politicians. Name me one union that has ever created a job. Name me one union that gives its members a choice where their dues are spent. Unions are les communistes mal nouveau!

        Your strawman argument is about a moral as the tinman’s, without a brain and a heart. Unions lack the courage and foresight to live beyond their vision of the Emerald city and deal with the real world.
        Unions are takers, Unions are NOT Makers. Unions are the modern day Robber Barons willing to kill the golden goose at the expense of their own salvation.

    • SpinnyLiberal

      I wasn’t being hostile. The thread’s title was also the title of the song.

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