Tea for Three?

The 2012 Election is a lot closer than we think. Will there be 3 to choose from – Democrat, Republican, and Tea Party? I thought the Tea Party latched itself on to the GOP.

Ron Paul, Herman Cain Win Tea Party Poll to Run Against Obama

Representative Ron Paul looks like the top contender from a poll taken at the Tea Party summit in AZ. He, Georgia radio host Herman Cain, and Governor Tim Pawlenty spoke. Interestingly, Sarah Palin came in third.

Now, Newt Gingrich also is throwing his hat in the ring according to GOP officials. AP Sources: Gingrich Closer to Presidential Run

“Two years ago today, Americans from all across the nation and from all walks of life began a movement on a national scale,” he wrote Sunday on his Facebook page. “Fed up with a Republican Party that forgot its reformer roots and a Democratic Party where every solution involved more government, tea party rallies began brewing in over 50 cities with an estimated 30,000 people attending.”

He’s sucking up to the Tea Party, but will he run on a GOP ticket? Are all these candidates fighting for the GOP nomination? Will there be three boxes on the general election ballot – Republican, Democrat, Tea?

It will be very interesting to see who will end up running against Obama. Who’s your pick?

16 responses to “Tea for Three?

  • Kini

    That’s the marvelous thing about the Tea Party. There is no leader, no allegiance, and no affiliation with any political party. We are neither Republican, nor democrat, libertarian or {shudder} communist. As with our socialist POTUS.

    We are concerned citizens that respect, and follow, the Constitution of the United States.

    We are NOT “latched” to the GOP, as you would believe. And why would you believe that? Talking points from the MSM?

    We’ve voted out Republicans that will not follow our will, the will of the people. This is no club, to get along, we must go along. This is what American Exceptionalism is all about. The right to govern ourselves. Not to be regulated and ruled by elitist Republicans or democrats.

    Our two party system has worked, for over 2 centuries. And our Greatest Experiment, and our Greatest Threat.

    Individualism, Personal Responsibility, and Freedom.

    Expect another 2010 result, in 2012.

    With greatest Aloha 🙂
    Dinner was exceptional!

    • Terrance H.

      There is a Tea Party headquarters which has been accused, more than once, of threatening local activists because Tea Party corp wants all the dough for themselves. Let’s be honest here.

      • Kini

        First time I’ve heard that. Got a link, or something to prove that?

      • Terrance H.

        I learned about it watching Cenk Uygur; a Tea Party activist discussed the problems she was having with Tea Party corp. But I found the following article.

        Tea Party Patriots did not want to lose Amy Kremer. The Atlanta activist had co-founded the organization. She’d helped organize some of the biggest events in the nationwide Tea Party movement. Then, at the end of September, Kremer decided to join the Tea Party Express, a project of the conservative Our Country Deserves Better PAC that was embarking on its third cross-country round of anti-tax, anti-spending rallies.

        This wasn’t going to work for Tea Party Patriots. As several leaders in the group told TWI, they stressed to Kremer that Our Country Deserves Better was a partisan-leaning PAC that rushed to the aid of Republican candidates; working with them could imperil the tax status of non-profit Tea Party Patriots. Other leaders argued that Mark Williams, the vice chairman of Our Country Deserves Better, was a firebrand whose rhetoric made the rest of the movement look bad. In May, Kremer had told Newsmax.com that the movement was being “hijacked” by Republican operatives, with the biggest offenders being the Republican Governor’s Association. Kremer did not respond to multiple requests for comment from TWI.

        The Washington Independent

        Also from that article.

        An argument has broken out, perhaps inevitably, between Tea Party activists and one of the groups that has laid claim to the Tea Party mantle. The self-described grassroots activists in Tea Party Patriots and the American Liberty Alliance see the Tea Party Express as a sham organization, using the political heft of the movement to push a bland, partisan Republican agenda. Privately and publicly, they accuse the Tea Party Express of being an “astroturf” outfit, a scheme for Republican strategists and candidates to take advantage of a movement that was chugging along fine without them.

        “Right now,” said Tea Party Patriots national organizer Jenny Beth Martin, “we can’t be involved with PACs. We want to make sure the organizations we align with are in line with our core values–that they’re not just supporting one party over the other. There could be a point to the Tea Party Express, but I don’t think its goal is the best goal.”

        The Tea Party is becoming a national joke; no different than the Democrats and Republicans. Grassroots activists are being stepped over by a cabal of corporate hacks, pushing the agenda of big donors. They don’t work for the people; the people no longer matter.

        Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. ~ Lord Acton

    • SpinnyLiberal

      A radio interview. A tea party “leader” said that they joined Republicans to be able to have a shot at electing their own. Being an independent third party in a two-party system would throw them by the wayside.

      Good strategy because it worked. You have members of your party representing some of you now.

    • SpinnyLiberal

      What was for dinner? When you showed the fish one, that rice and those vegetables looked so yummy.

    • SpinnyLiberal

      ETA: Oopsy. You were asking Terrance, sorry. 🙂

      That was a fleeting radio program, but this is what I could find (from McClatchy). I don’t know how you feel about the source, but here it is anyway. 🙂

      What’s the Tea Party All About?

      Q: How do establishment Republicans and Democrats view the tea party movement?

      A: With a sense of apprehension and curiosity. Rather than run candidates as independents, the tea party movement largely has inserted itself into Republican Party politics. In some cases its candidates toppled GOP incumbents in primaries, such as Sens. Bob Bennett in Utah and Lisa Murkowski in Alaska. In Kentucky, the tea party movement helped Rand Paul win the GOP nomination for the open Senate seat over the Republican favored by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. Both parties are waiting to see whether the tea party movement ultimately empowers or hobbles the Republican Party.

      Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, said that if the movement had run independent candidates and split the conservative vote, “that would have been far, far worse for us” than challenging establishment Republicans in primaries. “We welcome them in our primaries,” he said. “I am glad that the tea party movement recognized that the Republican Party is where they ought to be.”

      • Terrance H.

        Exactly. The Tea Party is coming apart at the seams; if the Tea Party Express isn’t hijacking the movement, Tea Party Patriots is threatening local activists.

        A real, actual, work-for-the-people Tea Party is a pipe dream; it’s not going to happen, and current events prove it. The people will not be able to take back the name, because nobody will differentiate between the real Tea Party, and the hijacking PACs.

  • 633

    If Sarah Palin stays in the medias eye, she won’t win. By the time 2012 rolls around we’ll be impalined to death.

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