I Give, You Give

Obama: Public Employees Should Not be Vilified

Football can be the great uniter. I love this picture even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the Wisconsin showdown.

I loved this: “You’re not going to convince the bravest Americans to put their lives on the line as police officers or firefighters if you don’t properly reward their bravery.”

And thanks for reminding the governors that both sides have “to give something up.” The union members in Wisconsin gave up the fight on the pension and healthcare contribution. That helps your budget, right? What are you willing to give up, Scotty?

7 responses to “I Give, You Give

  • Don in Mass

    Walker is being coached by the Koch Bros., otherwise, he probably would have caved in, if didn’t have them to call the shots.

  • lobotero

    And like other states…collective bargaining has nothing to do with the size of the deficit….my state does not have CB and its deficit is probably larger than Wisconsin’s……some on the Right make it sound like the union members have stolen their benefits….I wrote a thought on what could happen……

    • SpinnyLiberal

      I checked out your post.

      “one day we will wake up and find that most of America is in the poor house, with NO one caring…….”

      Well, aren’t you a bucket of sunshine. 😛 Sad, but probably where we’re headed.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Welcome, BTW. Sorry, bad hostess.

  • Kini

    And Obama is being influenced by George Soros. At least the Koch Bros. are not trying to destroy our currency and put this country in the poor house.

    It does have a lot to do with collective bargaining. Wisconsin Education Association (WEA) has a monopoly on teachers health insurance. Gov. Walker wants collective bargaining reforms so that county, city, and school districts more control over how budgets are controlled by the voters. They are not able to do that.

    WSJ also uncovered how the costs of benefits are being passed onto the taxpayers, while the union members pay little to nothing. That debt translates into higher taxes as the cost of these Cadillac plans continue to rise.

    Another point, Gov. Walker is asking for restrictions to collective bargaining on teachers salaries, not their benefits.

    Still not convinced? How about when the teachers union asked the courts to force taxpayers to pay for Viagra in their health plan? Talk about screwing the taxpayer.

  • Terrance H.

    Yes, yes. Public unions should not be vilified, but those worker’s who do not wish to join the union, and do not wish to pay dues, should be, because they’re fascist puppets, apparently.

    I’m so unbelievably tired of the hypocrisy – on both sides.

    I love this blog, and you, Spinny, because you’re not blindly ideological. I’m also starting to like Snoring a lot more, because she’s not either. But so many progressives are, and I can name one we all know right now. I could also name a Right-winger who is uncompromising in his beliefs.

    It just gets annoying! The Left is not always right and the Right is not always right, but hardcore adherents to either side seem to think so. It’s absurd.

    To connect my rant to this particular post, I’m wondering why people don’t mention that public unions and their lobbyists have stripped Rights from fellow workers, repeatedly, and without spurious cries from the likes of Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, or President Obama!

    I’m tired of ideologues.

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