Walker is “Whigging” Out

And to think I believed that what the Democrat Senators are doing was new and unprecedented. Boy, was I ever wrong. After reading carefully this time what woodgatesview commented, Texas Democrats did the same thing. They were known the Texas Eleven.

President, but then State Senator, Lincoln did the exact same thing in Illinois. Although, his exit was a lot more dramatic. He jumped out of a 2nd story window.

This type of quorum avoidance can be traced back to the passage of our Constitution. Some were dragged out of pubs to vote.

Hmm this makes me think about forcing people to vote. Dragged out of pubs? Lincoln had to jump out of that window because the Whigs locked everyone in when they tried to avoid the quorum vote. Super hard core and I would argue, police state-ish.

That’s not the point, though. Right or wrong, we are a nation all about disrupting the process. And there really is nothing new under the sun.

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