Fireside Chat?

I don’t know why, but I pictured a roaring fire and Walker in a smoking jacket with a brandy snifter. Anyway, it’s funny how Walker calls his little address a “Fireside Chat.” Invoking FDR because he was against public sector unions?

I watched it. Anyway, why does he keep talking about the taxpayers? Is he forgetting that these union workers are taxpayers too? And his answer to why he wants to end collective bargaining rights? “Because the system is broken.” Be honest, Scotty. You don’t want them to have a voice down the road when you make even more cuts. Of course, he implores the Wisconsin 14 to return. 9 minutes of speaking could have been summed up in one sentence. “I’m gutting the Union like a fish, and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it.”

We’ll see, Scotty. We’ll see.

61 responses to “Fireside Chat?

  • Terrance H.

    I have a video of Gov. Walker answering questions on my blog; you should watch it, and educate yourself on his motives.

    And, by the way, did you know Wisconsin 8th Graders Can’t Read?

    I believe I heard the worthless teachers in Wisconsin make $78,000, on average, for a mere 180-days of work. Interesting.

    Maybe you should volunteer, Spinny, to teach the union members how to read, then they can teach the children how to read, and then they may have an argument. Until then? Please.

    WALKER FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012! Then Chris Matthews can sing, “Ohhh, the thrill is gone!”


  • Bruce Benidt

    Excellent succinct post. Good for you for pointing out the union members are taxpayers too. Walker, like Mubarek and Qaddafi, is blaming much of this on outside agitators rather than looking the issue in the face. This whole thing is coming very close to the “America Love It or Leave It” divide during the rambunctious Sixties protests.

    • SpinnyLiberal

      Really good point – he talks about how this is Wisconsin’s issue = like those rabble rousers from the “liberal” states are egging them on.

    • Terrance H.

      How absurd that you would compare Walker to murderous despots.

      You “progressives” really crack me up. I get blasted for my rather mild conservative slant, yet Bruce is praised for sheer ignorance, and, frankly, for disrespecting the victims of those repressive regimes!

      I shall remember this the next time woodgate begins one of his bizarre, sanctimonious rants.

      • SpinnyLiberal


        I was talking about how Walker spoke of it being Wisconsin’s issue (absolutely). He mentioned outside states like Nevada are playing a role. I was not “praising” the comparison. That said, he has his opinion just like you do.

        Let me point out (again) that the way you “introduce” yourself to people really, really sucks. Did you have to be that rude by saying things like “sheer ignorance” when Bruce was nice enough to read my blog and comment?

      • Terrance H.

        Yes, I did have to be “that rude” because he is comparing Walker with murderous despots, and for someone who was so concerned about the downtrodden people of the Middle East, you’re pretty damn quick to ignore said ignorance.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Maybe I did ignore it. Or it didn’t bother me. Basic respect for your fellow man is something you should look into.

      • Terrance H.

        Ditto, Spinny, ditto.

        Do you think Walker really deserves to be compared to a pack of murderers – and all for impact’s sake?


      • SpinnyLiberal

        Really Terrance? So going to someone’s blog and saying that they make you sick isn’t disrespectful? Dude, hug a puppy time. You’re acting like a complete jackass, and I know you’ll probably say the same of me. Seriously, do you not see how mean you can be? I don’t know if it’s the medium of communication, but I’m gonna bail for a bit.

        No I do not. But I said that before. Perhaps you didn’t read that.

      • Terrance H.


        Are you seriously bringing up that feminist blog from forever ago? And, yes, she does make me sick. She supports abortion AT ANYTIME FOR WHATEVER REASON! Theoretically, that means an abortion on a child five minutes from birth. I don’t know what that is, if not sickening.

        And I guess it’s O.K. to say hurtful things about a politician, because, after all, he’s not a human being, right?

        If bias is drooling out in record levels, it sure as hell isn’t coming from me. I say what I think, I mean what I say, and when I’m wrong, I admit it. Some, clearly, do not.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        I admit when I’m wrong too, Terrance. I just don’t get why the f you are so hostile?

      • Terrance H.

        Yes, I was hostile. Why? No good reason. But the arrogance infuriates me. I read reverse racism, a bizarre self-hatred, coming from lbwoodgate, questioning the beliefs of middle-class America, particularly on issues like abortion, and then I come here and discover that Walker is being compared to despots!

        It’s too much absurdity in a single morning.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Okee dokee. That’s on you.

  • Kini

    I don’t know why, but I pictured a roaring fire and Walker in a smoking jacket with a brandy snifter.

    Obviously, you’ve been spending too much time on the Playboy channel. 🙂

    Reason this if you will: Public Unions will demand, and continue to demand, and continue to demand, and if they don’t get what they want, they strike? Government cannot function. Taxpayers get shafted.

    Public Unions won’t run away like the liberal democrats do. They’ll protest, and scream, and shout, curse, and threaten, destroy, and even beat people up.

    Public Unions will continue to demand more money from taxpayers. This is the central point of Walker’s position. Government cannot operate if Unions demand more money. Sickout’s are strikes, and I hope Walker fires all of them. I really do. Judge them by their performance, like we all have to do in the private sector. Like they grade our children in the Public Schools. Under better standards like Private Schools.

    Look, if the job you are working for is so bad, and you cannot stand it, you can go elsewhere. You do not have to stay. Create your own business, educate yourself and find a better job. Just get the government out of our way. The government needs to be shrunk, WHY?

    WHY! Should I have to pay for Public Union Retirements?

    WHY! Should I have to pay for Public Union Health Care?

    I have enough problems paying for my own retirement and health care. My Pursuit of Happiness, as guaranteed by the United States Constitution, is not dependent on the success of Unions pilfering my tax dollars.

    Yet, you would defend a Public Union Welfare State, demanding my hard earned money, to pay for their retirement and health care. Is that fair?

    Notice that I use PUBLIC UNIONS, and not private unions. Big difference.


    • Terrance H.

      You’re wasting your time. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m not going to change her mind, or the mind of any other liberal who comments on her blog. I banter back and forth with them because it causes me to check my beliefs, my opinions, and it often makes them stronger – to the Right.

      The utter disregard for people, and the absolute arrogance with which many liberals operate is absolutely stunning. It’s nothing more than transparent hypocrisy! I’m not talking about Spinny, but I just read the most recent post of another liberal on this blog, navigating through some of the links offered in the post, and that was enough for me. The idiocy, the unbelievable and unwarranted hubris is —- tragic. That’s what it is. It’s not maddening anymore; it’s just sad, tragic.

      It’s liberals like the unnamed that put ideology before people, and who harbor bizarre, elitist attitudes toward anyone who disagrees them. It’s as if it’s O.K. for them to hold firm to their beliefs, but when conservatives, or “white males” do it, they’re just being stupid. They actually believe that when middle-class “white males” vote Republican, they’re voting against themselves and, stupidly, they don’t realize it. Such idiotic statements harbor a premise which is totally false, and that is that conservative economic theory is damaging to those who don’t earn a million a year.

      67% of those polled do not support the message of those protesters. They don’t think there should be public unions. But guess what? 67% of those polled are dumb, ignorant “white men” – quite clearly.

      • SpinnyLiberal


        At least you finally realize that you’re not going to change some minds. We, on our respective sides, can add information and opinions that makes them think about their positions. That’s about it.

        New USA Today Poll
        Poll: Americans favor union bargaining rights

        Proceed to tell me about the MSM liberal bias. 😉

      • Terrance H.

        That’s pretty arrogant, Spinny, thinking I’m going to rationalize the poll away by claiming bias.

        I’m sorry, but I’m a conservative; I don’t do things like that.

        My response is that people don’t know what the hell they want, clearly. The Huffington Post poll, as you clearly seen, had quite different results. I think we should vary the questions that are asked. For example, do the people really believe that teachers should receive close to $100,000 in total pay (wages, benefits) for doing absolutely nothing to better the lives of children in Wisconsin? What would people say, I wonder, if and when the union shuts down government services because they were allowed to fight, claw, and argue (i.e., collectively bargain), would the USA today pollees change their opinion?

        With all the misinformation being tossed around so casually, it’s no surprise that various polls give various answers.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Levity, hence the emoticon That was my motivation for writing that. It failed, so I apologize.

        I’m sorry, but I’m a conservative; I don’t do things like that.
        Wow, Conservatives are just soooo perfect. God, why the f do I even bother?

        I’m going to drop this one and walk away, Terrance. You are right. I am wrong. This is becoming too negative like CL’s R&R and Yahoo! Comments Section, which was the whole reason why I started this blog.

      • Terrance H.

        Neither is right or wrong. Would you please….hug a puppy or something. You’re stressing out a bit too much, me thinks.

        Nice job sticking it to me with that poll, smart ass.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Since I’m not going to see my Diggy for a while, I’m trying to figure out VodPod.

      • Terrance H.

        I have no idea what that means.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Sorry. Sounds like martian speak or something. Diggy is my dog (reference to your hug a puppy). Since I’m not going to see him for a bit, I was trying to figure out VodPod, this service that lets you upload clips from sites other than YouTube. I didn’t know how. Now I do, sorta. I was able to post a Daily Show clip.

      • Terrance H.

        What happened to your dog? Why can’t you see him?

        I have a Doberman (with UNCLIPPED ears), a Shih Tzu, an English Bulldog, and a Miniature Schnauzer , who, sadly, is on her last leg. She’s been diagnosed with doggy-diabetes.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        I was at work. Then I had to buy his doggie vitamins and treats. Wow, you’ve got a full house there. I don’t think I’ve seen a Doberman without clipped ears. Diggy is a little chihuahua mix (12 lbs). I never a had a dog as small as him before, but I couldn’t say no. 🙂

        Don’t they have insulin for that?

      • Terrance H.

        You haven’t heard the half of it.

        I basically live on a farm, except I don’t farm. Not only do we have four dogs, we also have three cats, one duck, a Guinea pig, my little girl’s pony (yes, she has a damn horse; I could have kicked her grandfather for buying him), and, until just recently, we had a rooster, but he died of old age.

        They do have insulin, and we have to give it to her by injection twice a day, but she has a range of issues she’s dealing with now. She just got over a bladder infection, but that’s like her second in only a few months. She’s an old dog, so it won’t be too much longer.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Dang plan on building an ark? Haha.

        But a pony? LUCKY! How old is that dog? Putting down my dogs before had to be one of the worst experiences. Swore I’d never own a dog after that. After about 4 years, Diggy showed up on PetFinder when I was browsing. 🙂

      • Terrance H.

        If you believe the 2012 soothers, it might be wise to build an ark. LOL.

        She is 12-years-old. I had a mut (Dalmatian and Beagle), Rocky, live to be 17, so you just never know. But Rocky, my favorite dog ever, was relatively healthy until he turned like 16!

        Yeah, real lucky to have a horse!That thing eats like, well, a horse! We have enough property for him to roam and be comfortable and all, but they cost a lot of money to maintain. All our animals are expensive to maintain, save the duck. She pretty much takes care of herself. She’s got a pond with small fish in it, so she’s happy.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Dude, they better be right about 2012. I’ll be quite disappointed if it doesn’t happen. 🙂

        Yeah, I would think the horse would be expensive to maintain. Does he hang out with the other animals? Animals can get expensive, but it’s the unconditional love thing. Hell, I think I like animals as a whole more than people. Hahaha.

        All this pet talk made me add a page to my blog. 🙂

      • Terrance H.

        LOL. Why in the hell would you desire the gloom and doom predicted in 2012?

        The horse is VERY expensive to maintain. Food, inoculations, check-ups, et cetera…And becuase I know almost nothing about horses (right now, cause we haven’t had him that long), it’s even worse!

        The dogs are usually roaming around out near him, so he does have animal contact on a day to day basis. My wife’s father owns a horse and he brings him over from time to time to run around with ours.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Because the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Uprisings everywhere, natural disasters, overpopulation, etc. And I’ve seen enough, done enough. Hope I can get off the ride soon. 🙂

        Dang. Was he a Christmas or birthday gift? Aww I’m glad the dogs get to hang out with him. And it’s nice for him to have a “companion” horse. What’s the horse’s name?

      • Terrance H.

        Damn, Spinny, there are ways to “get off the ride” without taking down the whole world. Me thinks you should spend more time on the couch!

        He was a birthday gift, and his name is Hemingway. I’ll post some pics of him soon.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Wouldn’t do any good. I’ve always been pretty morbid. I still believe these are the End Times anyway.

        Hemingway! Nice name.

      • Terrance H.

        As a Christian, I can’t believe we are living in the end times.

        However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows. Matthew 24:36

        Those who claim to know, like the idiots on the George Noory program, are charlatans; they make up stories to sell a few books. And to those who believe their B.S., I hope the crisp breeze of December 23, 2012, chokes the whole f****ing lot of them.

        And thanks!

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Yes, I know the verse. A childhood full of church stuff, and all. 🙂 He will come like a thief in the night..yadda. Saying that we’re in the End Times is different than, “He’s coming on December 21, 2012 at 4:20 PM.”

        Dang. Those who believe it should not exist? Haha tell us how you really feel.

      • Terrance H.


        I didn’t say they shouldn’t exist, now did I? I simply said I hope the December 23, 2012, cool, crisp breeze chokes the whole f***ing lot of them, but quickly releases it’s strangle hold, so as to allow them to live knowing they are little more than gullible drones.

        Do you think that’s too harsh?

        Of course, that doesn’t apply to you if you believe it; you have this splendid, captivating way about you. You are the only liberal who can tell me to go f*** myself, though in not so many words, without pissing me off. Why? I don’t know. I think it’s because I admire the way you go about it. Quite rare. LOL.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Heh just a tad.
        Glad it doesn’t apply to me, or I would’ve told you to go f yourself. In the most diplomatic way, of course. 😛

    • SpinnyLiberal

      Hey Kini,

      Good to see you again. Haha, yeah Hef with his smoking jacket. Walker doesn’t have a bevy of blondes following him everywhere, though. Or maybe he does. 😉

      Don’t forget that the union workers pay taxes too. I work in the private sector and am more than willing to pay part or all of their health care and retirement. Why?

      1). Because they do the jobs that a lot of us won’t do.
      2). We use the services they provide.

      Police, firefighters, sanitation workers, etc. It’s not about hating their job. I would argue that some like/love it. Others may tolerate it for those benefits. But they still provide the services we use. Some of the jobs are not comparable salary-wise to the private sector. The benefits make up for it.

  • lbwoodgate

    Most likely what’s going on here is an effort by large corporations and other monied interest to destroy the last vestige of large financial support most Democrats have – the Unions. If they can break up the unions then campaign resources will diminish for Democrats and middle income working family messages over GOP corporate messaging will weaken.

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: Funded by the Koch Bros.

    • SpinnyLiberal

      I will check out that link. That bill has other crap in it too that’s scary. It’s coming out now. The Walker Administration will have the right to sell or lease energy plants without getting bids private companies, circumventing the Public Service Commission.

      • Terrance H.

        Be sure to check the Obama’s election coffers, too, and learn where much of the money came from. Hint: Wall Street.

        I guess rich people like the Koch brothers aren’t allowed to support a candidate; they aren’t allowed a say in the political process.

        And, yes, of course taking away the Right of public unions to collectively bargain would please the Koch brothers……

      • Terrance H.

        Allen Stanford gave over $600,000 to the Democrats. You know where he is now, don’t you? In Federal prison – for fraud.

        What does that prove? Nothing, other than he’s a crook. It doesn’t mean the people he donated to (e.g., Obama, Rangle) are crooks.

        People who make a big deal about Koch and Walker are pathetically grasping at straws, because they have nothing else on Walker. It’s another fine example of the authoritarian nature of liberalism. They hate, so they try to destroy.

        I really think counseling and perhaps some inhibitors are in order, because there is obviously some form of pathology going on here. Napoleon syndrome, maybe. I don’t know.

    • Terrance H.

      It’s also well to keep in mind that big unions oppose right to work laws because they want to force people to join unions, ergo forcing them to pay dues, thereby fattening the wallets of union execs. And yet the liberals scream and holler about corporate executives. The hypocrisy of the American Left is amusing.

    • SpinnyLiberal

      Who are you talking to, Terrance? We’ve moved on. Hahaha 🙂

  • Kini

    You didn’t mention teachers that have failed our children. You can’t get rid of them.

    @lbwoodgate; I suppose George Soros is some kind of benevolent benefactor?

    Have no problem with unions and private sector jobs. It’s the public unions that hold a monopoly.

    Walker is right: Government unions are inherently different from private-sector unions. The purpose of private-sector unions is to get workers a larger share of the profits they helped create. But government is a monopoly and earns no profits. All government unions do is redistribute more tax dollars from taxpayers to unions.

    That is inherently wrong and why PUBLIC UNION collective bargaining needs to be abolished.

    • SpinnyLiberal


      Have you stood in front of 25-30 kids that disrespect you every single day? Have you ever have a teenager punch you in the face? That didn’t happen to me, but another teacher who quit the same day that happened. I hope you’re not demonizing teachers because there are a lot of good ones out there who deal with kids who don’t care, an administration that doesn’t back them, and people who keep telling them what a horrible job they’re doing when they themselves would not do what they’re willing and love to do. Or at least loved at one time.

      Public sector union employees are tax payers, too.

      • Terrance H.


        You are presenting the same tired arguments which have allowed teachers to exploit their employers. I don’t believe the majority of teachers are good teachers, because I’m familiar with the poor results across the country.

        Have I ever been a teacher? Yes and no. I’ve never taught school children, but I’ve instructed some adult classes. Regardless, it has nothing to do with anything. You don’t have to be a teacher in order to interpret DOE’s statistics.

      • SpinnyLiberal

        Well duh, you don’t have to be a teacher to be able to read DOE stats. I just hate the demonizing of teachers.

      • Terrance H.

        It’s not my intention to demonize teachers. I just don’t think very many try hard enough.

        But, I will say, many children are failed at home long before the teachers get to them. It’s a cultural thing, I believe.

    • lbwoodgate

      Please explain to me how abolishing the union’s right to bargain for decent wages and benefits is breaking the back of state budgets. Their bargaining power has never impacted state budgets beyond 4-5%. Compare this to the huge tax breaks that corporations get.

      Most U.S. and foreign corporations doing business in the United States avoid paying any federal income taxes, despite trillions of dollars worth of sales, a government study released.

      The Government Accountability Office said 72 percent of all foreign corporations and about 57 percent of U.S. companies doing business in the United States paid no federal income taxes for at least one year between 1998 and 2005.

      More than half of foreign companies and about 42 percent of U.S. companies paid no U.S. income taxes for two or more years in that period, the report said.

      During that time corporate sales in the United States totaled $2.5 trillion, according to Democratic Sens. Carl Levin of Michigan and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, who requested the GAO study.

      The report did not name any companies. The GAO said corporations escaped paying federal income taxes for a variety of reasons including operating losses, tax credits and an ability to use transactions within the company to shift income to low tax countries.

      With the U.S. budget deficit this year running close to the record $413 billion that was set in 2004 and projected to hit a record $486 billion next year, lawmakers are looking to plug holes in the U.S. tax code and generate more revenues.

      Dorgan in a statement called the report “a shocking indictment of the current tax system.” Levin said it made clear that “too many corporations are using tax trickery to send their profits overseas and avoid paying their fair share in the United States.”

      The study showed about 28 percent of large foreign corporations, those with more than $250 million in assets, doing business in the United States paid no federal income taxes in 2005 despite $372 billion in gross receipts, the senators said. About 25 percent of the largest U.S. companies paid no federal income taxes in 2005 despite $1.1 trillion in gross sales that year, they said.


      And you want to make a federal case out of the union’s right to collective bargaining? Me thinks your values are seriously skewered

      • Terrance H.

        When are we going to be honest, woodgate? Do you have any plans on being honest sometime this month. Please, let me know, so we can make a day of it. I’ll ask a bunch of questions, you can as me a bunch, and then we’ll have a picnic.


        The tax breaks do what? Hmmm. CREATE JOBS! What the hell good are worker’s rights when nobody is working??

  • Kini

    It was never about the children, as thee NEA’s top lawyer points out, it’s all about Power.

    Hear it for yourself.

    • lbwoodgate

      How can somebody so grossly distort the comments of a man who acknowledges the NEA’s accomplishments of creative ideas, the merits of their positions, their care about the children they teach and their great vision for a public school for every child while he ALSO identifies their strength for collective bargaining power?

      Can those on the right ONLY hear things that fit there preconceived notions? To take this edited piece from the larger presentation and presume that everyone is as simple-minded as those who attempt to distort the facts is beyond comprehension and plays right into Mark Ames’ vision of how spiteful some of the knuckle draggers on the right are.

  • Terrance H.

    Yes, yes. Let’s all laud Mr. Mark Ames, the fellow who makes light of mental retardation. Earlier, on that same page, Mr. Ames had a photo of a man afflicted with Down Syndrome wearing a Superman costume, flexing his muscles like a body builder.

    I guess that’s only funny to the elitist among us — like Mark Ames.

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