Walker Worshippers

Sorry We’re Late Scott. We Work for a Living was a sign in the Tea Party counter protest. As opposed to union workers who don’t? Roads are clear of snow. Thank your union snow plow driver. Have your life saved in a county hospital ER? Thank your union doctor. Perpetrator get 20 to life for their crime against you? Thank your union prosecutor.

I am really getting tired of this anti-union crap. Those signs were irritating as hell. Especially, Pay Your Share. They are willing to! They agree to increase their contributions to their pensions and health care. What they object to is being stripped of their collective bargaining power.

Governor Walker can balance his budget without gutting the union. This piece of crap legislation is also vindictive. If he proposed to strip collective bargaining power from every union, then I know he’s anti-union but fair across the board Police officers, firefighters, and state troopers (who supported his campaign) were spared. So this is part anti-union, part payback, part thank you. Who knew one lousy piece of legislation could say so much?

I really hope that the union protesters and Senate Democrats will stay the course. Keep fighting the good fight. And I hope the Walker Worshippers are enjoying their Saturday and Sunday off to protest at the capitol. The 5-day work week was fought for by unions.

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