Jobs, Schmobs

Democrats Turn “Where are the Jobs?” Chant on GOP

This article talks about how the GOP’s emphasized job creation but now, it’s all about reducing the size of government and spending. Hmm. So you reduce the size of government by slashing programs. As a result, government workers may lose their jobs. Job loss ≠ job creation. Speaker Boehner’s answer? “So be it.”

Is this supposed to help the economy? Maybe you can trim government when the economy is stronger, but now? If government workers lose their jobs, what happens to the unemployment rate? Spending stimulates the economy. If you are unemployed, do you have a lot of money to spend?

I’m sure an economist can explain this to me, but I want to go off-roading a bit. The GOP emphasized that they were going to go in there to help fix the economy and create jobs. Put America back on track. Just how important was that promise? At this really cool site, OpenCongress, you can look at the different bills that are on the floor. I looked for bills based on issues related to jobs, employment, etc.

The one that stuck out was H.R. 589 – extending unemployment insurance.

Others were pretty cool. One has to do with whistle blowers – providing extra protection for them and harsher penalties for the offender they “outed.” (H.R. 190) Another prevents employers (prospective and current), from checking your credit (H.R. 321)

Admirable. But where are the bills that help with job creation? I couldn’t find any. Wouldn’t it be cool to see something like tax credits for shipping jobs back to the United States? Anything that has to do with trying to get people back to work?

I guess that’s not really they’re priority? What is, then?

  • Repealing Healthcare (H.R. 2)
  • Death panels for Obamacare

  • Declaring that Life Begins at Conception (S.91 and H.R. 212)
  • To make absolutely sure you agree, we’re making two declarations.

  • Prohibiting Federal Funding of Abortion (H.R. 3 & H.R. 358)
  • It’s already prohibited, but what the hell? Let’s remind people. Twice.

  • Challenging Birthright Citizenship? (H.R. 140)
  • Drown, “anchor baby,” drown.

  • Making Sales Tax the Only Tax? (H.R. 25)
  • 23% sales tax can eliminate income, payroll, and estate taxes. What’s 23% of a $350K house? $80,050? That’s in my other purse.

It looks like the GOP is concentrating on everything but job creation.

Shocked? Yeah, me neither.

15 responses to “Jobs, Schmobs

  • Kini

    Is it the government function to provide jobs? Where does it state that in the Constitution? Is it the function of government to provide you with healthcare, and to force you to purchase a healthcare product?

    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic tried that and it failed. Where ever government interferes with the free market, jobs are always lost. History has shown over and over, that job creation happens when government is restrained and limited, taxes are low, and commerce is free.

    That’s how jobs are created. Obama spent trillions of dollars, and unemployment is 9.8% and rising. Obama’s policies have placed uncertainty in the private job market; employers don’t know if either their taxes are going up, or their company will be taken over by the government.

    Screaming at the government to provide jobs, will not accomplish job creation.

    • SpinnyLiberal

      Nope. When you promise people that you’re all about jobs and the economy, why do you spend time on abortion and immigration legislation? Politicians of all flavors lie. Just pointing it out. 🙂

      • Kini

        You must realize that any politician that promises jobs is lying. Be that either party or independent. As I mentioned before, jobs are created when government gets out of the way.

  • Kini

    Just to clarify on your last comment. Tax dollars shouldn’t be used for abortions. My personal view is that abortions are murder. If the heart beats, it is life, and my tax dollars shouldn’t be going to the slaughter of the innocents. Before you equate it with war, it’s not the same thing, please don’t make that comparison.

    Immigration: I’m a immigrant. I came to this great country and was naturalized, legally. Illegal immigration is human trafficking. As an immigrant I know what it’s like to work in the fields. There needs to be a guest worker program that will allow legal immigration to take place. To filter out criminals, and to protect both residents and immigrant workers.

    You must be aware of the problems with California’s central valley. The richest, most fertile soil is laying waste. Why?

    All these issues have costs associated with them. Both in human and economic terms. This is why Republicans are focused on these issues you question. They are within the confines of government spending. Your tax dollars at work, if you will.

    With that said; I’m impressed. I read your “about”. I appreciate your civility and your honesty. I welcome your comments and opinions.

    Me ke aloha pumehana 🙂

    • SpinnyLiberal

      I believe in a woman’s right to choose, but I also don’t support federally funded abortion.

      I’m a child of immigrants. It’s interesting how you put that illegal immigration is human trafficking. It made me think there are cases of people smuggled into this country and forced to work off their “debt’ for this “service.” Indentured servitude is still alive and well. Very sad.

      Mahalo for checking out my blog. I hope you had a great dinner (and evening snack). 🙂

      • Kini

        With all respect, I believe you are more conservative than you let on.

        If you can handle the dryness, read “The Road to Serfdom” by Friedrich A. Hayek. It is an real eyeopener.

        Dinner is always a labor of love. Evening Snacks, try a glass of wine, with a variety of fruit, cheese and crackers, and a small slice of chocolate.

        Then there’s Red Eye! 😉

      • SpinnyLiberal

        I have views that are Conservative (death penalty), but I am still really liberal.

        Oh man. I love fruit, cheese and crackers. And chocolate? I’m jealous and will probably have that later on.

      • Novita

        Thanks for discussing your ideas with this blog. Also, a duoiseln regarding the banking companies intentions when talking about foreclosures is that the financial institution will not getreceive my installments. There is a fair bit of time in which the bank will require payments every now and then. If you are far too deep inside the hole, they will commonly call that you pay the actual payment in full. However, i am not saying that they will not take any sort of repayments at all. When you and the financial institution can seem to work one thing out, a foreclosure method may stop. However, if you ever continue to pass up payments beneath new plan, the foreclosure process can just pick up exactly where it was left off.

      • Spinny Liberal

        I’m not sure what this has to do with the topic, but thank you reading and commenting, Novita!

      • Spinny Liberal

        If one is behind on their payments, I do believe they should try to work with their lender. Will the lender work with them is the question? Thanks for reading and commenting, Novita.

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    But, Kini, by your statement, you’re okay with government getting involved to allow, to make it possible, for some people to work in the U.S., right? Government has some role in job creation, doesn’t it? I do agree that government shouldn’t get in the way of job creation. I think that one issue may be the only place you can find me agreeing with Republicans. But I am extremely concerned that I’m not hearing enough from the Republicans how they propose to create or to allow jobs to be created. And don’t tell me they’ll do it by giving generous tax breaks to the wealthy. Or being soft on corporate financial ethics and practices.

    The discussion about abortion? We will NEVER as a country come to agreement on this. Keep your beliefs in church among your faithful.

    • Kini

      YES, SDS, I am in favor of government controlled immigration. This allows workers to be employed by legal means. This means they pay taxes, contribute to Social Security, ironic, isn’t it?, and obey the local and federal laws of our country. The tax laws are a mess. It has to change.

      By that I mean, government can/must/should get out of the way for job creation. Or at least, the jobs Americans don’t want, if you really believe that. Please note that I am a farmer here in Hawai’i, and I sometimes give my produce away to shelters, and friends, so that it won’t spoil. My local government prevents me from selling it. Such is Aloha Aupuni.

      So, government does have a role in job creation, by getting out of the way, and letting us run our lives, and our business as we see fit.

      Class warfare is not a solution. Making the wealthy a villain is a favorite argument, but the wealthy have an advantage, they can move. To China, if they must, to create a profit.

      Fair wages are the law in this country. Unions have priced themselves out of the free-market. Freedom allows me to quit my job, if I don’t like it. To form my own company, which I have, and I profited. My employees profited. My government has intended to stop my success.

      What do I tell my employees?

    • Terrance H.

      How terribly absurd – and tragic – that you cling to the preposterous argument, or assumption, that all pro-lifers derive their point of view from religion, particularly Christianity.

      I challenge you to provide one argument, authored by me, by which I justify my point of view using religion? Please. Find just one.

      And while you’re busy not looking, let me just say: I never have justified my views on abortion with religion. Never.

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