It’s Not about Us

I found this picture while watching a Yahoo! Slideshow. This illustrates how long Mubarak has been in power using US Presidents – from Reagan to Obama. The fact that there is even a sign like this irritates the non-interventionist in me.

Our reaction to this revolution will be the true test of our passion for democracy and freedom. It’s easy to support the democratic aspirations of a country like Tunisia, where we have no vested interest. Egypt is a different story.

The response so far shows this difference. VP Biden does not believe that Mubarak is a dictator and should not step down. Secretary of State Clinton believes there should be a transition to democracy but warns that whoever takes over should represent the majority, unlike what happened in Iran 30 years ago.

Can’t we support Mubarak and the people? I would argue no. Egyptians are making it clear that they want Mubarak out. They don’t want the possible successor he chose. Changing the cabinet did not appease them either. It looks like the Egyptians want a complete government do-over where they get to choose who their leader in a real, fair election.

If they’re successful, this may affect the stability of the region and the peace treaty with Israel. So be it. Those of us who truly value democracy and freedom will support the Egyptian people in the quest for theirs. The struggle for democracy and freedom is messy and not without consequence. We just have to look at our own history.

This picture shows who this is really about. Hopefully, when she grows up, this little girl won’t be holding a sign showing a leader she despises next to one of our future presidents.

4 responses to “It’s Not about Us

  • Terrance H.

    What you and lbwoodgate don’t seem to understand, Spinny, is that allowing radicals to take over (like the Muslim Brotherhood) is not an example of freedom and democracy; it’s in fact quite the opposite. It would be worse than the current regime – for everyone involved.

    There is no reason the people cannot wait until September, when, hopefully, the Muslim Brotherhood will be largely ignored. Right now they are being almost embraced.

    Too, I would like to know why the Left has such an utter disregard for Israel.

    • SpinnyLiberal

      The Muslim Brotherhood’s role in this revolution is minimal. There are secular people opposed to Mubarak, as well conservative Islamists and Coptic Christians. I am sure they want to ride the coat tails of this movement into power, but no one knows what will happen.

      There’s no reason that they can’t wait until September? Who are we to say that? They obviously don’t want to. It’s up to them.

      Disregard for Israel? Because they can take care of themselves. And if we insist on “helping,” we can always offer billions of dollars worth of fighter jets for a 30 second settlement moratorium.

  • Terrance H.

    It’s not true their role is minimal.

    And if they refuse to wait and end up with someone worse than they have now, they deserve it. Why can’t they wait, assuming Muburak changes his ways?

    And if it wasn’t for the United States, Israel would be a memory.

    • SpinnyLiberal

      Can you find a source other than “Jihad Watch?” Something more neutral perhaps?

      Yup, if they elect someone bad, they deserve it. They do. Like the title of the post, it’s not about us.

      I think you’re grossly underestimating Israel’s military power. Just look at their war with Lebanon in 2006. If there wasn’t a UN resolution, Lebanon would have been the memory.

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