38th Anniversary of Legalized Abortion

Will we make it to 40? San Francisco is one of the most, if not the most, liberal cities in the United States. Today, 30,000 anti-choice protesters marched along the Embarcadero. Of course, there was a small group of counter protesters.

One of the counter protesters had a large banner that was ripped by one of the anti-choice protesters. A local news anchor tried to interview him, pointing out that he was infringing on the other side’s freedom of speech. He refused to show his face or comment. That’s so irritating to me. If he was so full of conviction and passion – enough to try to silence the other side – own it! Shouldn’t he be proud of what he did? Or maybe he knew he was wrong. None of the pro-choice protesters did anything like that to their signs. Both sides had every right to be there.

This was the largest anti-choice rally San Francisco has ever seen. It was surprising and disturbing. While I don’t think Roe vs. Wade will be overturned, I do believe state laws will continue to be enacted to interfere with abortion. In Texas, Governor Perry just announced support for a bill that would require a sonogram before an abortion is performed.

So the fight to keep our Reproductive Rights continues. Every Child Wanted, Every Mother Willing.

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