Buena suerte, Governor Brown

You will need a lot of luck, but more likely a miracle.  I sure do hope you are successful at selling your budget. First, you have to sell it to the legislators from both sides to get it on the ballot. Then, you have to sell it to the voters. 

I will vote for it if it makes it to the June ballot.  Your budget is fair. $12.5 billion in cuts to social programs and an extension of the taxes that are already in place.

  • Democrats:  I hope they accept it and realize that we simply don’t have the money for all the programs, however noble.
  • Republicans: I hope they accept it and realize how desperately we need the money the tax extension will generate.
  • Voters: I hope they accept it and realize we’re not just broke, we’re drowning.

I like it that your budget calls for both sides to sacrifice. I like that you’ve proven to those who didn’t know that you’re not the typical tax-and-spend liberal. I love that you are cutting the cell phone service of state employees who don’t need them in the first place. I know it was largely symbolic, but you are proving that you are right for this job.

I knew this from the beginning. I knew the Megalomaniac would just be The Governator 2.o. We tried the “run the state like a business” idea and failed miserably.  That is why I was ecstatic when you won.

You’re exactly what we need right now.  When you were governor back in the day, you refused the limo and drove your Plymouth to work. You refused the Governor’s Mansion and rented a modest apartment in Sacramento.  You have been known to many as one cheap ass bastard, both in your personal and professional life. Hallelujah!

I will light candles, invoke political ancestors and gods, anything – for your successful sell of this budget. You know the wounds are too big for the band-aids we’ve been using and that we’re about to bleed out.  Good luck in convincing legislators and voters of that. Vaya con Dios, Governor. I will pray for your miracle.

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