Memorial Etiquette

Ah, the Conservative pundits have interjected ther opinion about the memorial service. “Pep Rally,”  “Campaign Event,” “Disgusting/Shameful.” I will give them this. Handing out t-shirts was tacky as all hell.

Now, on to the memorial itself. I, too, was expecting somber, but then I thought about it. This wasn’t your average memorial because it wasn’t your average death. 6 people were killed by a gunman targeting a Congresswoman. Bystanders tackled the gunman. A grandmother wrestled the magazine away from the shooter to keep him from reloading.

In the memorial, we got glimpses into the lives of the victims as well as recognition of the heroes of that day. People applauded, hugged, and even laughed at times.  God forbid they were uplifted for an hour when the remaining 23 is filled with grief and pain.

This wasn’t Obama 2012, Campaign Stop – Tuscon. This was a President speaking in the city where a horrific crime occured that shook Americans to the core, forcing us to look at our political climate.

That’s one of the President’s jobs – to address a grieving public and help make sense of what happened.  Reagan did it with the Challenger crash. George W. Bush did it with 9/11. He even yelled into a bullhorn at Ground Zero.  So, why shouldn’t President Obama be any different?

Oh yeah, because according to some crazies on the Right, he’s the Socialist/Marxist/Communist (as if they’re interchangeable) Kenyan-born Muslim who just might be the anti-Christ.

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