Spinny Liberal

Why SpinnyLiberal? I have been thoroughly addicted to comments sections of news articles. 99% of them are political. I’m obviously liberal.  Or a tree hugger, hippie, Socialist/Communist/Marxist, bleeding heart, et. al. I think about politics a lot.  More than is healthy, I’m sure. I think about it so much, my head gets “spinny.”  Voila. SpinnyLiberal is born.

Most of my friends and family don’t share my passion for politics. Some of them are even Conservative.  I don’t really want to get “into it” with them on Facebook. Some of our views are very divergent.  Politics and religion can make Facebook friends “Unfriend” you. No one wants that, right?

I still need an outlet to “unspin” my head, though. I usually do it in the comments sections, but I get really annoyed by the replies with no substance. “Idiot.” “Libtard.” “Go F yourself.”  I end up replying/verbally smacking.  It’s way too negative, I worry about my karma , and my head spins more.

So this is where I will be cutting open parts of my head and bloodletting. Surgical masks required.

8 responses to “Spinny Liberal

  • Eric H. Dodge

    Nice start so far, Spinny. Being from the other side, I too can relate to what you have written here.Reading your words is almost like looking in a mirror but I feel like the mirror is dirty and I have to wash it. LOL (Sorry)

    Seriously though, I have walked nearly the same path that you have word for word except for being a conservative. Heck, I could be the “SpinnyConservative” to a “SpinnyLiberal” Hahaha. I wish you good luck with your blog. I started mine in October and have actually found it to be therapuetic although I can’t stop the facebook thing either. I will stop by occasionally to see what you have going on. And I promise not to flame your posts. I hate that crap on mine! Be well, sir.

    • Eric H. Dodge

      Please forgive my ignorance as I wished you well, “sir”. I just went back and read your “About” page and am thoroughly left with egg on my face! Please pardon my idiocy and blatant stereotyping! Also, I will actually add you to my blogroll as well(I see that you were so kind as to add my blog… Thanks!).

  • spinnyliberal

    Hahaha, I hope you have a lot of Windex for that mirror. Thank you for the good wishes. I really like the blogs on this site, present company included. It’s a whole lot better than reading, “Die Libtard Scum.” =)

  • Eric H. Dodge

    Well, don’t let your guard down yet… there are still some of those that crawl out from rocks occasionally. I’m reminded that I am a fascist or a right-wing wacko sometimes. Thank goodness WordPress has a good spam blocker to catch most of them. Make use of it if you can.

    Thanks for the compliment… I once was a Democrat. Back during the glory days of Conservatism… the 80’s. Man! I missed out! LOL

    If you ever want some tips, pointers, or whatever with WordPress (or how to switch sides) you know where my blog is. Like I said, I’ll pop in occasionally to see what you’re up to. Best wishes!

    • spinnyliberal

      Haha yeah you did miss out during that decade of greed and excess. Better late than never to your party, I guess. 😉 Thanks for the tip on the occasional surprise sniper fire. I’ll be on the lookout. =)

  • Neil Aquino

    Thanks for adding my blog–Texas Liberal–to your favorites. Good luck and please visit my shop again. I’ll follow you here as well. Thanks.

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